The secrets that hide professional chefs. Now cooking is even easier!

All of us sooner or later face the stove. Love to cook not all, but enjoy tasty and healthy food everytime.

To cook quick and tasty, no need to be an expert enough to know only a couple of culinary tricks.

"Site" made you a collection of culinary tipsthat are owned only by experienced chefs.

Secrets of cooking
  1. If you want to get smoky flavor without using the grill, cook food in the broiler.

  2. Before you beat the eggs, puncture the yolks with a fork, so it will be easier to mix.

  3. Break the egg on a flat surface, so the crack will be more smooth.

  4. Cookie dough sameshima manually. Thus the moisture is better distributed and the cookies will be more lush.

  5. When cooking the bird, carefully shut her inside with the help of twine, this will prevent circulation of hot air inside and thus will not allow the meat to dry out.

  6. Once the rice is cooked, leave it for ten minutes in a saucepan with a closed lid, so it will be tastier.

  7. Before cooking rinse the rice to rid of excess starch.

  8. Salt and pepper is best added at the end of cooking.

  9. Tie the stems of the herbs before adding them to the stew. So the flavor is distributed evenly.

  10. Before cooking a hamburger, put it on a flat surface to remove excess air.

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