Why is the home where there is no order, always will draw TROUBLE

Specialists of feng shui, bioenergy, and even psychologists are unanimous ... That's why you need to take today for cleaning!

The disorder occurs in every home, it does not mean that people who live in it - lazy. Sometimes it's just a temporary condition caused by time pressure. And sometimes, alas, a permanent phenomenon. And then worth sound the alarm, because the house in which there is no order, will always attract trouble and misfortune. And on this occasion, and Feng Shui and bio-energy experts, and even psychologists are unanimous.

Disorder in the hall
Start at the entrance, according to feng shui, this is - the central backbone of the house. It is not hard to guess that the "congestion" in this way - the trash, old clothes and shoes littered the mezzanine, broken bicycles and wheelchairs - not bring good. The house will be constant strife, lack of money, households are out to get away from this house. But should "clean up" the mezzanine, throw out unnecessary and repair broken things, remove the cabinet non-seasonal clothing and shoes - in short, "clear the way" Fortunately, it will not fail to knock at your house.

Clutter in the bathroom
No wonder they say: "en - face hostess." And if the room is dirty, soap streaks on the walls, around the scattered bottles with cosmetics and towels stale - there is inferiority complex "homemakers". A woman with a normal self-esteem, which is a happy life, and bathroom will always shine. And it was with her day begins, so, what the situation in the bathroom, and a day pass.

Toilet - "pantry" of our mind and soul, we unconsciously to put what you want to forget. The more debris in the "corner of reverie", the more we have hidden skeletons in life. But attempts to hide the shameful details of life turn buried insight and intuition. And you need it? Do not hoard grievances and problems better, "rinse" them in the toilet!

Disorder in the kitchen
Kitchen - a source of plenty of energy and well-being, it is - the heart of the house. After all, our state depends not only on what we eat, but also on the attitude of the person who prepared the food. If the kitchen is full of rubbish, empty cans and bottles on the shelves and cabinets "hell break a leg", do not be surprised that you can not cope with being overweight. Clean room - and your life will flow prosperity, both financial and personal. Food should be prepared in clean, comfort, among the heat and light, and then it will bring benefits, not harm.

The room - the person at home, in her welcome guests. It is responsible for communication with the rest of the world, it is an indicator of how your life seeing friends and relatives. Disorder in the living room lead to quarrels, misunderstandings between you and your friends, family ... And in the end, lead to loneliness and a sense of alienation and uselessness. Living should "engage" in your house good people, and together with them - and happiness. Do not get too clutter it, it can cause stiffness in dealing with people, the more light in the living room - the better.

This - the most intimate room, if you wish - "forge" of your own happiness. Disorder in the room may lead to insomnia, to quarrel with a loved one, problems in intimate sphere. Experts advise to remove from the bedrooms everything that is not directly related to sleep. Even such familiar TV and computer are completely unnecessary. The bedroom should direct thoughts and peace and love. As you can see, seemingly innocent "glove box" may turn out to have serious trouble. And if they have already entered into your life, immediately free the house from the rubbish! Without regret part with things that are not claimed for a long time.

In the vacated space flow gush positive energy and well-being, and it is much more important than the Maker, who has been waiting for five years fix, right?


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