9 non-standard ways of using the dryer. This helper in the everyday life!

Hair Dryer - this seemingly ordinary and usual thing in our house. Nevertheless, he is not only a tool for drying hair. Website .cc offers you find 9 of unusual ways to use this appliance. Some, perhaps, you know, but the rest will be for you a useful discovery. Dryer will turn into your best assistant in the farm!

1. For baking
If burnt cake and get it out of shape difficult, just warming up her bottom with a hair dryer.

If the glaze goes smoothly, take a hair dryer and activate the warm air. Good Warm up the glaze. Then use cold air to make it smooth.

2. To maintain the temperature compress
If you put a warm compress, and you need to keep its temperature - then you will tumble dryer hot air.

3. As painless to peel the patch
To remove the patch from the skin, heating it in front of this warm air.

4. How to clean the mirror
If the mirror in the bathroom was covered with stains and misted, just forward it dryer and warm. Stains will disappear instantly.

5. Remove congealed wax
In order to remove the wax with any hard surface, just warming up her hairdryer.

6. Quick-drying nail
Many people know about this method, but few have tried. But it works! If you are in a hurry somewhere, dry the nail polish with a hair dryer. The air should not be hot.

7. Fit points
If glasses fall off a bit, turn the dryer on full blast and heat bow. They are soft and pliable, and you can adjust them.

8. Removing the label
For those who have children at home, sometimes there are new stickers on the furniture. In this case, Lead hot air from a hair dryer to unwanted sticker. Then it is easy to Off from the surface.

9. Traces of the pencil on the wall
Children's "creativity" can also be removed from the wall with a hair dryer. Heated they painted portions and good wipe with a cloth.

It's not all ways of using hair dryer in unusual but useful purposes. To create their own applications. In the meantime, share with your friends that article that everyone should read!

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