Very funny and useful inventions


How would you like a pen, which if necessary can be transformed into a fork? Or an umbrella, through which you could see? A knitted beard? Below you will find new inventions, which, though cause a smile, but can be very useful.

1. Umbrella with box

2. Board for cutting bread + bird feeder

3. Knitted beard

4. Children's suit + brush for rubbing sex

5. Pen that turns into a spoon, fork or knife

6. Slippers with lights

7. Umbrella for a pet

8. A bag lunch against theft

9. Cup-iron

10. Hairy pantyhose against perverts

11. Washcloth in microphone

12. Duck mask is a muzzle

13. Sleeping bag

14. Corner picture frames

15. Strap-napominanie that it is necessary to keep yourself in shape

16. Tie-a hiding place for drinks

17. Stroller-scooter

18. Pillow – substitute boyfriend


19.Water gun + umbrella

20. Pizza cutter

21. Mitten for two

22. Spoon for the cook, who dreams of becoming a drummer

23. Cap wash baby

24. "Ostrich" pillow




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