How to earn sitting in the decree — all the ways

Sixty one million nine hundred sixty five thousand four hundred twenty eight

If you understand that at some time "settled down" at home and to earn money I want, it's time to go freelance! What is the freelancing? Freelancing is work that can be performed remotely, without coming to the office, working out of state, while in another city or even another country.

If you are reading this, it means that the computer and the Internet you have. And the Internet just plenty of opportunities to earn! I'm not going to consider various types of very strange activities — when I see these flyers, I think it's just a "divorce" — read the news, poke on the button, display advertising and recruiting their own kind... It's not for me and the work generally is not called. Good money will not get it! One friend wrote that poked a whole month and earned 30 rubles, which even to remove out. I tried to choose interesting and realistic activities that can bring earnings in the decree, in my experience and the experience of friends.

First you need to decide the type of activity. Everyone has their own mind. Someone is a humanist, someone closer to mathematics, and someone who thinks creatively and is teeming with ideas. However, even if at the moment you are able to perform only the simplest actions, because the brain is fully occupied with the baby, and in this case, there are lots of ways to earn money sitting at home with the child. Now read more.

Writing articles

For people with humanitarian mindset will approach the writing of texts. There are different options — for example, you can write about things that are close to You. Let's just say — practical information on previous activity or associated with the education of children, active life with kids, paperwork and manuals, about childbirth, the reviews on some baby products and gadgets... These articles at first, you can send in a variety of publications on the subject, to offer their services to journalists. If You are interested and competently write, magazines and Internet portals would be happy to order from You articles, reviews, give assignments and topics. Initially, the pay will be small, but with the experience and the name You will be called in more popular publications, to offer to have their own columns on popular Internet portals with hundreds of thousands of visitors a day.


(Development of websites, functional applications of various kinds, games, apps for mobile devices, applications for Facebook, for Facebook, there are so many different areas of programming). This, of course, not one month or even a year. To start a job as a programmer is difficult enough, initially there will be no material benefit. You need to make considerable effort to understand the technology, learn the syntax, learn the IDE (integrated development environment), and most difficult, learn to find your own mistakes! But, having mastered this wisdom, You get endless freedom to choose the projects you want to work, work time and places where You can do it. Now all that relates to programming is on the Internet in very large numbers, very detailed for all levels — articles to help beginners and professionals. In the web you can find everything: How to start programming in the selected language, Technical documentation for the required functionality, Infinite forums to discuss everything from the IDE ending with the specific programming language of Employers and the right team with whom You want to work if you don't want to work alone. For the uninitiated this all seems infinitely complex. Roughly, in order to develop from scratch a technology of software development required more than two months of hard study and training. But after preliminary training, you can already receive income comparable to the average size of earnings, even working as a "student" or "learner" on any project or performing small tasks, if You decide to work only individually. Field start the real work of Your application very fast to grow, and with Your skills and confidence will grow and Your earnings. The software developer of average skill wages are usually above average in 5-7 times. Skilled programmer (or if you are lucky with the project on which You are lucky enough to work) can get 10-20 times more the average wage.


A topic especially dear to You, You have something to say and articles they thrive in the head and in the computer? Start your blog! Now quite a lot of sites that give the opportunity to register the place and cheap hosting provide forms of websites is enough to fill the pictures and articles, not bothered in the programming. Writing a blog can be about anything — to share their original recipes and cooking ideas, secrets of education, to study and consider questions of psychology, to help other moms, share experiences of your travels with children or to develop any other topic. What is the meaning of blogging in material terms? When Your blog takes off and rack up good attendance, (and this, too, will have to work hard in addition to interesting content (content), You'll read a lot of articles from the category "SEO optimization", "Promote your blog, Earnings on affiliate programs", etc.), you can put ad units, line of Yandex and Google, banner ads from various companies on the subject site... as the Money keeps coming in for clicks on them, and for regular screenings. This, of course, in the long run, the money starts to accrue immediately, it is possible to withdraw from a certain amount, you need to spin... But then you can just share your thoughts and earn good money. For example, the author of one blog, which I signed, because I am interested to read his article, recently published a post about what the blog has brought him over the past months, about 150,000 rubles and more each, and painted for that what is and so n. However, he says that spending 10-15 hours a day on your blog. So everything is quite real, although not immediately. Remember, writing and editing text, editing, layout, beautiful design articles, coming up with interesting captions, proofreading, optimizing, reply to comments on all that you need to spend a lot of time.

The adjustment of texts

If the Institute of Russian language and literature were Your good friends, proofreading, correction and editing of texts is always available and required in the principle activity. Such proposals from various publishers I meet online all the time. Of course, without experience and the pay wouldn't be great, but it's only the first time!

Poems to order

Yes, it's popular. Many of the beloved willing to Express your feelings in verse, (and preferably to give a verse for your impulse of the soul), and on holidays also, it's nice to give a personalized poem created just for them. Customers describe the character, habits, appearance, future hero of the poem, tells about his Hobbies, Express your wishes, and your task is to clothe it in poetic form. The price of such work depends on the amount of Your odes. Incidentally, not many offer such services, so the competition is not great. But according to the authors — they have more than enough! It's good to learn along the way, the calligraphy and the ability to arrange their texts.

Writing and diplomas

As the author of several popular books, can You say with certainty — in their creation, there is nothing supernatural. And if in my case still required some specific knowledge, because I was a co-author of books on psychology (and have the appropriate education), to create the most of the books from the series "Housewives" and "to read in the subway" requires only good command of Internet and ability to process information. It is possible to use different sources, pointing them 30% of the total text can be borrowing, the amount of each of them not more than 1 author's sheet (40000 signs). Most importantly, the book must have references to primary sources. I was surprised when one publisher found out that almost all of their books on the subject of Feng Shui, design tips, guides and many others — are proofreaders, editors, small departments and other workers in your free time. Most of the information just gained from the Internet and skillfully reworked, making good money on fees and giving out "original" books. Fees for books, of course, may not be as high as we would like, depends on the circulation. But if the book is commercially successful, then its re-release, and the fee is paid again and again (when properly signed contract, of course)! I, for example, it was very nice to get money again in a year, a couple of years when they are no longer waiting. Well, the writing of diplomas and term papers moreover will always be popular, but here it is advisable to understand some subjects, to study the issue. And is often required for the diploma not less than 80% of the original text. By the way, I'm your master diploma was done over several nights from his course, however, the subject dealt and worked on it a couple of years. Defended the diploma perfectly well. For those who like to develop one topic, but well, there are even special sites that buy such works and make orders according to themes.


It is, rather, to help students, pupils, workers, writers... When you need to translate handwritten text into electronic form. Or to decipher the recordings. This work is not highly paid, but does not require any skills except speed of printing text.

The web admin, moderator, administrator of groups in social networks, etc.

Surprisingly, but such work is well needed in our time. On different sites there is often, in groups, for example, in contact, often pay a percentage of the advertising. Friend for keeping the group to pay 5000 per month. And groups of such conduct can be even 10. Now earnings through advertising on the public and the group is gaining popularity. The task is first to promote the group, do visit it every day to fill with interesting news and materials. (Well, to engage in "cleansing" spam and the like, communication with visitors). When active readers, subscribers will gain really a lot, begins to appear is. As far as I know, the average price is promoted in the public 500-3000 rubles per post. Impressive, isn't it? Of course, it is possible and to organize a group and do it. But then first it is well to examine the themes of the most popular pages that will be of interest to advertisers and readers. I, for example, several groups in the same the number of subscribers reached 47 000 people, but advertisers in turn were not. Because the group has a narrow specificity, and for advertisers, this number is not large, it's a million readers... So it is easier to get a job in another group, its promotion is a long process and requires time and effort.

Makeup artist, stylist.

If You have someone to help, sit with the child for some time, you can complete courses makeup artists, stylists, hairdressers. To deal with other people can be at home while the baby sleeps, if he has established a clear mode of the day. Or to invite a babysitter for two hours — the cost of makeup and hairstyles are much higher than her services. Also, you can work a massage therapist.

Master nail disegnatore thing in this specialty. If You have someone to help You out, to babysit, You can take clients at home, having a stable, though not a huge income. Because as long as there are women, they'll need a manicure and pedicure. However, for this activity at home will need a separate room to the baby not breathing in chemicals.


You can make at home press releases of various activities (drafting a good 500-2000 rubles), to advertise different exhibitions and events. Will need to work by phone and Internet. To agree on the venues for the event, to track the arrival and placement of the modules in publications, search for information for sponsors and so on.

Of the minuses over the Internet, most often for payment using electronic money (web money, Anex money). On the one hand convenient, but on the other, to bring them, for example, your Bank card, you have to pay a cent. So they prefer to pay online for various goods and services.

Pay is very good, but deeper this subject I have not studied. Importantly, the demand for drafters for various publishing houses always! And because no one then will say that in my mom's decree brains only think about diapers. Commercials can be OGO-go how to raise your intellectual level!

Organization of joint procurement, open your own online store

In fact, the matter did not initially require investments, but you will need to work on is filling your group with pictures of goods, organization of the process of collecting money, ordering, delivery... Many mothers are happy to participate in the collective procurement, when the same toys or clothes in the store, you can buy much cheaper. However, there must be trust of customers, so the first customers can become friends moms, friends and neighbours who should you ask to leave online reviews about Your business and recommending friends. Here and private savings, and making a little money, and if you succeed, all this could turn into a good Internet shop with a decent profit!


If You manage to find a few hours during sleep of a child, and You love to cook — this is a very interesting kind of earnings in which and the name to make money, and loyal customers to grow and become a man whose culinary skills will be able to advise friends and make good money.

The first thing that comes to mind — the production of cakes. In most cases, home make cakes with decorations of mastic for children's birthdays. It's a win-win, birthdays will always be, as the desire of parents to please kids. And the first customers will quickly become friends and acquaintances. In addition, make cupcakes, shortbreads and other sweets. I was particularly impress with all sorts of bows from chocolate figurines and hand sculpting.

You can engage in the production of cakes of ROE. I, however, tried to bake gingerbread cookies and make a gingerbread house. She was surprised — turned out the first time, incredibly tasty, and practice, even the painting of the turn out for the first time very cute. (And I haven't had time to upload pictures to the network immediately began to ask whether it is possible to order. If we had time, maybe I would even begin to develop arm, but I like all other classes.) Most cakes are ordered for the new year, corporate events, but when does the imagination appear necessary molds — you can make kozuli and Easter, and to commemorate the birthday and as Souvenirs or wedding invitations, Bridal shower, children's party etc etc... Remember for her wedding she ordered the gingerbread cookies with our names and the date of the gift for the guests.

Of course, you will have to spend time mastering recipes, improving skills, improvement of abilities to calculate serving... And must genuinely love cooking. But if in the kitchen You feel in their element — why not try to earn on it?

This is, perhaps, consider making candy bouquets. Not quite the culinary business, but also to simple creativity will not carry it) give These flowers not only on holidays or as a thank you. For the new year to put Christmas trees out of candy, the wedding is often bought bouquets of the bride (and sometimes to throw it instead of the main bunch). In the children make cars from candy men — whole ships (adding to the sweet bottles).published



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