The riddle of the Chinese mummies of the time of the Han dynasty


We all know that many ancient peoples possessed sophisticated techniques of “conservation of the dead”. However, only the Chinese were able to create an incredibly well-preserved mummy, which has no equal anywhere in the world – the mummy wealthy ladies of the time of the Han dynasty named Blue Joy. This Chinese lady died about the year 160 BC at the age of about fifty years.

Have found the grave by accident during military exercises in the province Huang 1971. The soldiers began to dig a tunnel in one of the hills and came across a clay barrier. Call the experts-archaeologists. The discovery was priceless – crypt of the ancient times in the form of a large inverted pyramid, topped with a layer of coal and then another layer of clay. In the crypt stood a richly decorated sarcophagus. It is a smaller one inside it another...

And so the four sarcophagus in the principle of our dolls. In the latter lay the mummy of a woman, wrapped in a beautiful silk bedspread. Stood around the dishes with the remnants of delicious dishes and recipes, jewelry, etc.

The condition of the mummy was shocked worldly-wise professionals: the joints remained flexible, skin was elastic, and its color is natural, in the blood vessels remains the blood. Internal organs were in this condition, if the woman died just a few weeks ago.

Upon closer investigation found out that Joy Blue led is not the most healthy of life: stomach matrons found the tape worms, she had back problems, she obviously ate a lot of fat and little was moving. In life her weight was approximately 120-140 kg with height 150-152 cm published


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