10 most deadly events in the history of mankind

Human history has always been bloody, rich in large-scale destruction and casualties. Site remembered ten most murderous events known chelovechestvu.1. The slave trade across the Atlantic. The death toll - 15 mlnTransatlanticheskaya slave trade began in the 16th century, reached its peak in the 17th century, until it finally abolished in the 19th century. The reason for it was the need for the Europeans to establish themselves in the New World. Settlers used slaves from West Africa, to meet the needs of the labor force on their plantations.

2. The end of the war and the transition to the Yuan Ming Dynasty. The death toll - 30 mlnDinastiya Yuan was founded Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan, about the year 1260 and was the most short-lived in the history of China. Its representatives have ruled for centuries, and then the chaos began. Warring clans fought over land, increased crime, famine among the population ... It was not until the Ming Dynasty did not take everything under control.

3. An Lushan Rebellion. The death toll - 36 mlnPrimerno 500 years to the Yuan Dynasty, China controlled the Tang Dynasty. Lushan, a general from the north of China, decided to seize power and declared himself emperor (creation Dynasty Yang). Lushan Rebellion lasted for 763 to 755 years, and in the end the dynasty Yang defeated by the Tang Empire. Ancient War has always been a very bloody affair, and it was no exception uprising. Killed millions of people, and the Tang dynasty never recovered from the effects of the war.

4. Taiping Rebellion. The death toll - 40 mlnPeremestimsya a thousand years from now, and see again the Chinese. It was then that the historical scene came Hen Xiuquan, who claimed, among other things, that he - the younger brother of Jesus Christ. Hon created the "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom" and the slaughter began. During the war, and there was her reign Taiping, killed tens of millions of people.

5. Victims of Soviet Russia - 49 mlnV from 1917 to 1953rd years, millions of people in our country were killed, first revolution, then - the civil war, hunger, forced resettlement camp. In the vast number of victims it is considered to be guilty too insatiable desire of the General Secretary Joseph Stalin to build a new and better future for our country completely at any cost, while retaining its own total power.

6. Great Chinese Famine. The death toll - 43 mlnI here we are again in China, has already become a communist. In the period from 1958 to 1961 drought and poor weather have led to famine. However, a disaster lay in the government's attempts to transform the country from an agrarian economy to a communist society. Chinese peasants describe this period as "three bitter years».

7. Mongol conquest. The death toll - 60 mlnEsli is the man of whom it can be said that the blood on his hands more than anyone else in history, it is Genghis Khan. Under his leadership, the Mongol Empire turned into an empire that the world has ever seen. At the height of its power it held 16% of the earth's surface. The Mongolian army invaded Asia, and for two centuries to kill enemies with incredible brutality. The death toll, of course, would have been much more if the Mongols continued their advance to the West and to Europe.

8. First World War. The death toll - 65 mlnV 1914, when several developed countries suddenly became crowded, they were united in two large union and fought for European domination. Europe was divided, and dragged along other countries in the rapidly sprawling military conflict. During this war, often used the following tactics: the soldiers were ordered to go to the full height under enemy machine gun fire. When in 1918, the year it was all over, the world counted an unprecedented number of deaths and huge losses.

9. The Second World War. The death toll - 72 mlnVzyav break for a few years, World War II broke out again in 1939. During a short break between wars, each country has had time to build some new deadly machines, in addition, now that the soldiers appeared automatic weapons. The Soviet Union and its allies ultimately won the war, but the losses were enormous.

10. The colonization of America. The death toll - 100 mlnKogda Christopher Columbus in the 15th century discovered a new continent, it must have seemed the beginning of a new era. Enterprising Europeans soon began to call this place home. But there was one problem: it is already inhabited by indigenous populations.

During the following centuries, European explorers regularly brought death in the territory now called North and South America.

In addition to wars and armed conflicts, the victims led to huge lack of native immunity to European diseases. Approximately 80% of Native Americans died after contact with Europeans. And this is - an incredible number of victims.

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