Useful properties of pumpkin. This vegetable cleans the liver like a sponge

All we repeatedly heard and read that pumpkin is good for health. And what is its use? And that is possible to treat, if you regularly eat pumpkin?
Pumpkin — this large Sunny vegetable was discovered more than 5,000 years ago and to this day known for their beneficial properties that help to prevent from various diseases and strengthen overall health.

Pumpkin has absorbed all sorts of minerals and vitamins. Useful properties of pumpkin are useful in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, edema, anemia and obesity. Despite the fact that pumpkin was studied quite a long time, its place in the healing line of natural products is unwavering.

The carrot was well known to the content of useful beta-carotene, and so in the pumpkin it several times more. Pumpkin helps with iron deficiency anemia and other problems with blood flow, as it contains not only iron, but also zinc, cobalt and copper. Also pumpkin contains calcium, pectin, sugar, carotene and vitamins C and group B.
In the pumpkin contains zinc salt, vitamin E, which slow down the ageing process in the body.

If you regularly eat pumpkin — it is possible to significantly treat your liver. Pumpkin cleans the liver and restores it. How to eat a pumpkin to use? You must eat fresh salad from the pumpkin and olive oil.

Pumpkin is very well absorbed by the body. In particular, ingestion of raw pumpkin pulp can reduce inflammation of the intestine and to improve the gall bladder. Pumpkin juice is beneficial for stomach gastritis with high acidity, and also effective for colds and sore throat. Regular consumption of pumpkin can help to restore your self-regulation system and protect you from harmful viruses and bacteria. Useful properties of pumpkin are applicable and as a diuretic in urologic problems, and in order to lose weight.

Pumpkin juice prevents tooth decay and strengthens the enamel on the teeth. Useful properties of pumpkin are useful in the treatment of skin diseases. To burn or inflammation you need to make a paste of grated pumpkin slices. If the wounds on the skin begins to fester, you need to wash them with a decoction of pumpkin flowers and they will heal faster.
Pumpkin seeds is a known remedy for worms. At night eat 100g of sunflower seeds with honey and take morning 1st.l. castor oil. Nothing is better for worms not yet invented. Pumpkin seeds are also recommended for pregnant with morning sickness and normal sickness.
Useful properties of pumpkin have the flip side of the coin. This vegetable is contraindicated in gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, gastritis with low acidity and people suffering from diabetes.
It is also worth to observe the rules of storage of the pumpkin. The recommended temperature of 2-15 degrees Celsius. And in any case, do not leave the pumpkin under direct sunlight (it is better to cover it with a cloth).

Useful properties of pumpkin with honey can be used in the fight against kidney stones and gall bladder.

Take a large pumpkin, weighing about 9 kg, cleaned from the peel and mince together with the core and seeds. Adding to the resulting slurry 5kg of honey and stir. Insist 10 days, stirring regularly. On the 11th day squeeze the juice through cheesecloth, the pulp is thrown. Drink juice 50 g three times a day 30 minutes before meals.

In order to cleanse the liver after undergoing hepatitis treatment or strong medicines, useful properties of pumpkin with honey will suit more than ever.
Take a medium size pumpkin, cut off top and remove it from the seeds with a wooden spoon. Then fill the pumpkin with honey (preferably acacia), gently stir and cover with the pumpkin previously cut a "lid" to seal along the cutting line laid plain dough. Put the pumpkin to infuse in a dark place at room temperature for ten days. On the 11th begin to take on 1st.l. 3 times a day for 30-40 minutes before meals, course — 20 days.

To restore the intestinal function and to remove toxins from the body, you can use the following recipes are very tasty dishes, where the useful properties of pumpkin with honey are playing not the last role.

Take the red pumpkin, the more sweet, about 150g. Clean it from the skin and seeds, cut into dice it and fry in a skillet with butter until soft. Spread on a plate, put on top of the honey and sprinkle with nuts, you can take cedar, peanuts or walnuts.

Useful properties of pumpkin with honey will help to cope with insomnia and increased mental stress, for this before going to bed to drink a decoction of pumpkin pulp with honey. This tool will help you to relax and relieve the stress of the day.
Useful properties of pumpkin is so versatile that the use will be in almost every sphere of human health. Sometimes it is even difficult to imagine how useful the product can be really tasty. But nevertheless, that pumpkin is a glaring example. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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