Pumpkin diet—8kg. two weeks


Pumpkin diet can be recommended to people seeking to effectively and fairly rapid weight loss. A diet designed for two weeks, can get rid of eight kilograms of excess weight.


Pumpkin for weight loss and health


In addition to losing weight pumpkin menu will bring considerable benefits to the body, which is not typical for many diets. Not surprising, because pumpkin is one of the Champions among vegetables the variety of nutrients and their quantity. For example, the content of provitamin "A" pumpkin has a five-fold superiority in front of the carrots.


At the origin of many eye problems ophthalmologists suggest to enter into the diet more pumpkin and its juice. Offers a generous pumpkin vitamins "E", "S", "PP", vitamins "In" and so forth.


Pumpkin – the champion of vegetables for iron content, it also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc.


In the pumpkin contains vitamin T, which helps in better absorption of fatty heavy meals. For this pumpkin love and nutritionists recommend it to people who are overweight.


However, to eat raw pumpkin can be dangerous at pathologies of gastrointestinal tract or pancreas. However, this is true for most vegetables and fruits.


Pumpkin diet for weight loss


Pumpkin diet allows you to lose weight in 2 weeks for 8 (extra) pounds. Outset for maximum effect it is necessary to remove from the diet sugar and severely restrict salt intake.


Calorie daily diet the diet should be 1000 – 1200 kcal.


From drinks the diet leave mineral water (non-carbonated) and unsweetened coffee (tea).


You can "lightly snack" of fruit and slices of raw pumpkin, but for the full effect is sweet fruits to exclude.


Breakfast every day begins with pumpkin salad with fruits or vegetables. Dinner after 18: 00 is impossible.


Menu pumpkin diet:


Diet menu on a pumpkin for weight loss is quite diverse. The diet provides for the following cycles consisting of 4 days. With the fifth, ninth and thirteenth days of the diet you start the cycle again.


The first day



Pumpkin-carrot salad, dressed only with lemon juice. Pumpkin porridge: half an hour to put out 200 grams pumpkin cut into cubes in water, add cereal (1 tablespoon of rice, millet or oat flakes) and simmer for another half hour, a little salt ready-made porridge. For those who are not accustomed to eat only plant food, you can add the porridge a bit of skim milk.



Pumpkin soup add carrots, bell pepper, zucchini, and (optionally) one potato. Boil in low fire. Before readiness add the tablespoon of oil (any vegetable), tomato, herbs and a little salt. Pumpkin salad with Apple: sweet Apple and a pumpkin to grate on cucumbers. To fill with lemon juice or low-fat yogurt (kefir).



Pumpkin stew, cut into slices and bake in a moderately heated (about 180' C) oven. Finished product sprinkled with lemon juice. After cooking, you can coat the pieces 1 teaspoon of honey.


The SECOND day



Porridge (1 day) and pumpkin salad.



Low-fat soup with spices and greens (or pumpkin soup as the first day). The second – pies, pumpkin-fruit filling or pumpkin pancakes (see recipes below).



Baked with prunes apples. Low-fat cottage cheese – 150 g


The THIRD day


Breakfast. Porridge and pumpkin salad.


Lunch. Soup with meatballs (meat).


Dinner. Pumpkin – pineapple salad (cut into cubes). Low-fat cottage cheese – 150 g


Day IV



Porridge and pumpkin salad.



Vegetable soup or borsch, the second – pepper (stew).



Pumpkin stew with mushrooms, zucchini, carrots and onions in vegetable oil.


Recipes from pumpkin slimming diet:


  • pumpkin pancakes: pumpkin cut into 5cm pieces and sprinkle the slices with lemon juice, roll in batter (flour quite a bit). Fried with minimum oil, the fire is weak;
  • pies pumpkin: use fresh dough (puff pastry from the store). Filling: cut into small cubes and peppered pumpkin makes a wonderful sweet-spicy filling. You can optionally add plums, cherry plums, apples, or any sour fruits, further masking the taste of the pumpkin.

The output of pumpkin diet As any other diet, do not immediately gang up on high-calorie food, do not exclude completely the pumpkin, eat low-fat cottage cheese.


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