How useful a pumpkin for the liver and how to cook?

Already for a long time useful properties of pumpkin-known people. The first concerns the use of the liver. This is due to a specific chemical composition of the pumpkin. It contains the following nutrients: water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins number (vitamin A, Group B and others), fiber, etc.

Pumpkin can restore the disturbed metabolism of liver cells (hepatocytes), to restore their damaged structure. The main advantage of pumpkin is that it restores the cell membranes of hepatocytes.

It preventing death of these cells, particularly in the presence of hepatitis, diseases of the biliary system, etc. Restoring proper liver function is very important for the normal functioning of the human body.

This is due to the fact that the liver performs detoxication (neutralizes toxins and poisons) belkovosinteticheskuyu function participates in the formation of certain clotting factors, transport proteins forms, which are necessary for the transfer of hormones from the bloodstream, etc.

Therefore, the development of liver failure fully suffers the whole body. In particular this applies to the central nervous system (developing hepatic encephalopathy, which is difficult to treat).

Also liver failure manifested increased bleeding, swelling and other symptoms. Therefore it is better to prevent the development of pathological processes, regular maintenance of the normal functioning of the liver.

How to conduct a proper cleaning of the liver pumpkin?

The regular use of the pumpkin is already kind of help for the sick liver, as well as a preventive measure against various pathological processes that affect the liver.

There are several ways on how to conduct the cleansing of the liver with the help of this vegetable. This can be:

eating pumpkin seeds;
pumpkin with honey;
Pumpkin juice (it must be a fruit juice).
To cleanse the liver pumpkin seeds use only specially prepared. To do this, take seeds, which are pre-crushed and pour them boiled water, which is cooled to a temperature 60◦. They have to sit for a week in a cool place. This infusion is recommended to use one tablespoon on an empty stomach and before each meal. The duration of such treatment shall be the average month.

Pumpkin with honey

Pumpkin with honey is also preparing a special recipe, which is perfect for people with poor liver function. To do this, cut off from the top of the pumpkin and remove all the pulp. In the future, the pumpkin is used as a vessel, which is filled with honey. Pumpkin well-knotted, including via the cropped tops, and for ten days, put in a warm place. After that it is ready for use. Honey is also used for treatment of duodenal ulcer.

You must drain the honey and put it in the fridge. That he has a therapeutic effect. It is necessary to take a tablespoon, too, three times a day. The course of treatment is slightly smaller than in the previous case, it is 21 days, that is three weeks.

A glass of fresh pumpkin juice, which is added sugar, also has a similar cleansing effect on the liver. Instead, you can use a pound of pumpkin pulp. It should eat raw. Those who can not do this, can eat baked pumpkin. Do not eat fried pumpkin, since it is completely deprived of all useful properties.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the pumpkin - a great way to improve the condition of the body, and especially to strengthen the liver, which is the main bodies involved in the purification of the body. Cleaning the body pumpkin is a very gentle, so it can be carried out several times a year.


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