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Regular intake of the many seemingly ordinary products can cure a number of health problems. Any one of the products recommended in such cases, is not a panacea, and is of benefit only if its regular and proper use and subject to the General rules of healthy eating and lifestyle.

One such product is the oats used in folk medicine for liver cleansing.

Use oats to the liver due to the content in this cereal for a number of organic acids (oxalic, erucic, malinovoe), able to bind and excrete different toxic substances. In addition, due to the rich content of various nutrients (vitamins B1, B2, B6, K, a whole list of minerals: magnesium, potassium, chromium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, Nickel, iodine, fluorine, zinc) oats has a General beneficial effect on the body.

The richest of listed substances to the so-called "horse" oats is ill-suited for making classic cereals-oatmeal. Mostly it is used to prepare a decoction of oats for the treatment of liver and also as an aid in the treatment of other diseases.

Knowing how to cook oats for the liver can make quite an effective tool, used as medicine by traditional healers since ancient times.

Oats for the treatment of liverTherapeutic properties of oats for the liver was used by healers in the days of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. Used them also and healers from Tibet. Today the exclusive use of decoctions of oats for the treatment of liver and gall bladder is not an effective tool, but when assigning complex therapy, the use of this grass is quite common.

The beneficial properties of oats to the liver are a few of its properties. As mentioned above, due to the content of some organic acids tools based on the oats accelerate the excretion of harmful products formed in the digestion process. Also, due to their consistency, the broth from oats envelops the intestinal wall than contributes to optimize its performance and reduces the load on the liver.

There are a number of recipes, how to make oats for the liver. From recipes for the prophylactic cleaning of the body they differ, as a rule, higher saturation, and, consequently, the smaller the permitted period of use.

Give a few the most popular tips on how to cook oats for the liver.

According to one of them, to do this, take one glass of raw oat grains in one liter of water, and boil to reduce the volume of the composition twice. After that ready means filter in new dishes. The proceeds to the consistency of thick jelly you should drink one glass three times a day. The course of treatment is usually one month. To the finished product, you can add a little honey to improve the taste (for example, two tablespoons on the specified volume).

In another embodiment, preparation of oat for the treatment of liver recommended to evaporate the above-mentioned composition to one quarter volume. Thus one-time dose is reduced to half glass.

Apply tincture of oats to the liver and in the treatment of such complex diseases as diabetes. Simultaneously with the appointment of drugs is prepared as an infusion of oats. In one liter of water take one Cup of unrefined cereal grains, placed in an enamel bowl and leave overnight. After that put the infusion in a tightly closed dish and simmer to reduce water volume by half. The tool then strain, cool and take half a Cup half an hour before each meal.

Prepare an infusion of oats for cleansing the liver in the following recipe. One Cup rinsed unpeeled oat grains take three liters of water, filled with water, the grains are placed in an enamel dish and heated on a slow fire to a temperature of 80-90 degrees (not boiling). After that, the pan placed in a pre-heated to 150 degree oven and leave for two hours. The resulting composition is filtered, cooled and drink two thirds Cup half an hour before meals morning and evening.

Oats cleanse the liverAny problem is much easier to prevent than to solve. This applies in particular to human health. Preventive measures and a healthy diet can minimize the risk of disease. In particular, regular consumption of the beverage from oats to the liver is cleaned of toxins arising in the process of digestion, and greatly reduced the likelihood of diseases of the digestive system.

Oats to clean the liver is used mainly in the form of decoctions and infusions. There are a lot of recipes decoction of oats for cleansing the liver. Here are the most popular ones.

One of the most popular recipes of decoction of oats for the liver the following.

It takes one Cup of crude grains of oats, crushed in a coffee grinder and pour boiling water in the proportion of one litre per one tablespoon of chopped beans. Steamed oats to the liver must be for a minimum of twelve hours. To use this composition, you need about half an hour before each meal. The total amount of received funds should be about half a liter a day. The course of treatment is two to three months.

Another application of oats to cleanse the liver is to merge the reception of decoction of this herb and diet of light foods that allow the liver to cleanse from toxins.

In this case, the prescription of a decoction of oats for the liver will be next. A half-liter of water take one and a half cups washed unpeeled oat grains. Water bring to a boil, and then pour the grains, reduce heat to low and boil the composition for fifteen minutes. Then remove from fire, wrapped in a warm cloth and allow to infuse for two hours. Then the broth strain and drink half a liter for half an hour before eating before each meal. The course of treatment is two weeks. thus it is necessary to stick to a diet, do not eat fatty, fried and meat dishes to give up sweets.

There are also recipes tincture of oats to the liver.

According to one of the recipes to prepare this infusion you need to take a Cup of oats, three tablespoons of leaves, cranberries and two tablespoons of birch buds. The ingredients are stirred and poured into an enamel pan. After that the prepared mixture need to pour four litres of cold water and put in a cool dark place for a day to draw.

Separately need to grind one Cup of rose hips, pour a glass of water and put on fire. When boiling add two tablespoons of knotweed, then continue boiling for another fifteen minutes.

After that you want to filter both in a bowl. The resulting tool store in the refrigerator until use.

Apply this infusion once a day for half an hour before meals. Before use, the composition is heated.

On the first day of treatment take 50 g of the composition, the second 100 g, the third is 150 g. After that, continue intake at 150 g for 10 weeks. After the end of treatment while maintaining signs of disorders of the liver the course of treatment can be repeated not earlier than in two weeks.

Based on the above we can say that primary properties that oats are good for the liver, can be attributed to its ability to accelerate the removal of toxic substances from the body, as well as optimization of the bowel, thereby reducing the load on the liver.

Thanks to the above properties, the use of infusions and decoctions of this herb helps to cleanse the liver and the body as a whole from the accumulated decay products, which are formed in the digestion process. Therefore, the use of products based on oats indicated for the treatment of various liver diseases. But the most effective use of this grain for the preparation of prophylactic agents, periodically taken to improve overall health. Knowing how to drink oats to the liver, it is possible to prepare means of this cereal, regular consumption of which can help in the process of self-cleaning of the liver and prevent the onset of many diseases.


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