Information diet —do not consume useless information

You never occur to you that people who are prone to procrastination, have the same problem that people suffering from obesity? Just as the fat people, without discrimination, and measures consuming harmful products that make them ultimately unsuitable to the life of sufferers, the procrastinators not to abandon the consumption of tons of useless information that turns their brains from unique and powerful tool in the cemetery for other people's ideas and feelings. And just as obesity body, procrastination can be treated with diet. Information.

In the world every day there are thousands of important events. Why it seems that an educated intelligent man must be aware of political life, recent scientific discoveries, accidents. The latest book, music and movie news. Sports. News. And so on, everyone can continue this list.

The only problem is that while you're watching other people's lives, your life passes by. Until you will pass on all those "most needed" sites, half the day has passed and head is filled with a mess of scraps of information. This has got to stop and go on a diet, returning your mind to the beauty of the ideas and speed of thinking.

Don't consume what doesn't concern you

An incredible amount of very diverse information, wrapped in a bright attractive shell surrounds us and beckons at every corner. Throw a stick in your head all you slip! For myself I developed a habit: each time you habitually clicks on an interesting link, I ask myself "am I reading this to? What is the purpose?" (ask half the battle, be sure to wait for a response :)).

You'd be surprised how many completely unnecessary information, you can weed out this simple question. The vast majority of the news in any form will not affect your life, so you'll probably be able to clean out their bookmarks, most news and political websites. And don't worry if something is really important, you definitely know about it. You don't need to watch the news "just in case".

Do not consume anything negative

Human nature is such that we unwittingly attracts the negative. Try to take a pencil and while watching the evening news to calculate the ratio of negative and positive stories in the issue. I got a ratio of 10:2. Murders, fires, road accidents, sick children, crime... Journalists have become lazy and unprofessional and instead of preparing the plots visualize police reports.

Negative information brings nothing of value into our lives. It distorts the perception of the world and our psyche. Block it completely. We always have enough of their own problems, so really little point in spending time worrying about the problems of people you don't even know.

Consume only a minimum of information

Now let's talk about work and about how to cope better. To perform any tasks you may need to find and learn new knowledge. Finding information nowadays is not difficult, much more difficult to stop in time to get to work. Because the link is threaded on the link, the page follows the page and so we already moved away from the start of execution of tasks even further than was in the beginning.

To cope with this is very simple. Before gathering information, just write in front of a circle of issues you want to understand. Do not click on links that look interesting, but not consistent with your questions. Stay in the moment when all the questions for himself clarified. This simple advice will help you to escape from aimlessly in the network under the guise of work.

One day a week for training

Yes, of course we are not machines and can't put our brain in an information vacuum. Sometimes you can pamper yourself and. Delay interesting article by one of the services delayed reading and will spend one day a week to study them. This is quite enough. Believe me, in this case you will be sooo responsible attitude to the selection of articles and receive special pleasure from their consumption. Usual information the gum will turn into an exquisite delicacy.

Create a barrier

Funny, but I remember a time when information was so low that people were able "to read Newspapers between the lines" and stayed up to listen to at night "the enemy voices". Today everything has changed is exactly the opposite. From the information to be protected. Methods and tools for this huge number, we're constantly writing about them. Maybe you should turn off the TV, block Facebook and other distracting sites, install an ad blocker, clean bookmarks or even have a special way of a customized browser to work.

In fact, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, a good writer, the founder of the popular blog or find yourself in any other region, you must build and apply a system of defensive measures to reduce the information noise around you. Every minute of their attention spent on unnecessary website, reading some stupid article or view a funny movie, you pay for other people's work, but a step become further away from their dreams.

Be sure that it is time to stop this crazy eating and get on an information diet! What do you think about this?



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