Cleansing diet

This is a very short-term diet for those who want to free your body of toxins, especially after a very lavish feasts and libations.
A cleansing diet is useful for everyone, regardless of whether we weight or not. The environment in the Western world is that it pollutes our body with poisons not only through the processed foods we consume, but also because of polluted atmosphere and water. Most fruits and vegetables that we eat are sprayed with pesticides, so even those who adhere to a healthy diet may not protect against contamination of the body poisons. The only way to avoid consumption of toxins and poisons from food is to buy food grown in a natural way. A cleanse usually is that you eat some fruit and drink plenty of mineral water. This is the best way to clean the body from all poisons. Another method of cleaning the body consists of washing the juices, and it consists of drinking only freshly prepared juices from specific fruits and vegetables and abstinence from other food. Proponents of this diet believe that the enzymes of certain fruits even promote weight loss.


A typical menu for a day
Breakfast: Apple and a glass of mineral water.
Lunch: Two bananas and a few glasses of mineral water.
Lunch: Fruit salad with strawberry, pineapple or strawberry.

A cleanse gives your body a well-deserved rest from poisons, producing a “spring cleaning” of the whole organism. There is no other diet can do to clean the internal organs.
Cleansing diet can spur the body to eliminate cellulite, which is caused by accumulation of toxins in the body.
Diet lasts only a few days, after which you will feel renewed and fresh.
Diet is very inexpensive, and easy to follow, nothing to cook.
This diet will surely solve all the problems with constipation. Fresh fruit is a great source of many vitamins and minerals.


This diet is not designed for prolonged use to lose weight, she should just rid the body of harmful toxins. To maintain good health, it is necessary to repeat this diet every few months.
Cleaning method is not fit for people leading an active way of life, because they need high energy.
There is a possibility that if you keep this diet you will tear the headaches. This is a sure sign that the body gets rid of toxins. The same way a man suffering from a headache during a hangover.
During the purification of the organism is unlikely you will have the strength and desire to lead an active lifestyle, so it is best to stay home and rest until the body is cleared.
The diet can not observe more than two or three days, because the body does not receive all the necessary life substances.

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