Deacon Kuraev Russophobe?

Actually Kuraev appeared healthier Putin. At least in the mental sense:

The political asceticism

Attitude to Ukrainian events for the Russian people - this is the usual austere challenge. Conflict of sense and reason.

Of course, my heart rejoices, seeing the song and match reality: "Sevastopol, Sevastopol - the city of Russian seamenĀ».

Of course, happy for the joy of Russian inhabitants of the Crimea.

But reason upsets this joy and insists that Russia is losing more than gains.

1. After receiving the Crimea, Russia loses chances for its merging with Continental Ukraine and even just with its industrial southeast.

2. Create yourself insulation in the West, Russia is forced to turn to the East. This means that we will become a satellite of China. And it will not be an equal partnership. Chinese skilled and extremely tough negotiators. They will dictate the price of our raw materials and - in some cases - our foreign policy actions.

3. Confrontation with the West means a transition to a mobilization regimen of life. And in the economy and ideology. The right to lie becomes a patriotic duty. One can not criticize the government of his country, if there is a war!

In this propaganda will twist the minds and the most natural feelings, for it will require in the relatives and friends of the people - Little Russian - see the enemy, and friends and neighbors will learn to see in Chinese. This violence does not pass in vain for the mental and moral health of the nation.

4. Almost invariably, of a visa already the border with Ukraine, coupled with the confrontational ideological war being waged on both sides, will reduce the number of traditional Russian-Ukrainian marriages that will negatively affect the stability of the gene pool of the Russian people.

The second consequence of the lowering of the visa and the propaganda curtain - a sharp reduction Ukrainian zarobitchan coming to Russia. Who will be replaced by those working hands? BANNER thing - Central Asia and the Far East.

5. Galician ideology, seeing the enemy ukrainstva Russia ceases to be a gimmick to Kiev and eastern Ukraine. Before our eyes on a sense of resentment for the Crimea may be a common basis of feelings and beliefs of the present can unite east and west of Ukraine. And the point of consensus is much closer it is to the Galician version. Protest rallies in the east of the country is clearly run out of steam.

6. About the fact that his actions in the Crimea, Moscow in fact she invited NATO to Ukraine, said yesterday even Lukashenko. And then it's not even that, if Ukraine enters NATO. You can not join the bloc to place at least its Intelligence-Focus tracking structures on their territory.

7. Russia will now invest in Crimea lot more money than it paid for the lease of Sevastopol Ukraine. Dramatically increase investment in himself the Black Sea Fleet. With that, he was not destined to catch up even with the Turkish (firepower he is now at least three times the BSF).

8. UOC MP in order to survive now be more Catholic than the Pope (in the sense will be demonstrating their opposition Moscow more than Filaret). Filaret thug Putin has not called - unlike Cherkassy Metropolitan UOC MP. It is time to put the general question of the liberation of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Ukrainian control (for Ukrainian episcopate participates in the work of the ROC and has a blocking stake of votes).

Patriarch Kirill, who had earlier said that Kiev and Ukraine is his native home, came to the house when there was a fire. It is amazing - he did not even invited a single Ukrainian and ask for an interview! Neither officially nor unofficially there were no signs of the patriarchal affection, understanding and solidarity with the Ukrainian part of his flock. As there was no word from the anti-Ukrainian propaganda intoxication rein in the Russian media and blogs. Ukrainians are unlikely to forget it.

8. 20 years, I was happy that at least the problem of the Crimean Tatars Russia is not necessary to decide that it is now the headache of Kiev. Now we have received as part of Russia is well organized and quite vindictive towards Russian ethnicity. Hooray?

9. What gets normal inhabitant of Tula or Irkutsk from the Crimea? Staying there for him to become more expensive. But inflation in his home will become stronger. From the fact that the "reserved rights of the Russian population of Crimea", his rights at home will not be protected. But his "Russian world" without Ukraine became considerably less.


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