Eco-friendly turnstile Green Pass

Typically, when we find ourselves in places where we face with access control system and turnstiles, we do not think about how a complex mechanism requiring the cost, including harming nature, its content and maintenance. But the turnstiles all around us, therefore, the representatives of University of Technology of Guangdong province in China designers su Meixian (Su Meixian), Chen Fengming (Chen Fengming) and Chen Yuji (Chen Yujie) decided to embark on the path to a greener future and create your own eco-friendly turnstile. This is a truly simple idea triggers a train of thought about everyday items we see around us constantly.

This concept turnstile called Green Pass (Green pass), capable as a magician, to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. These amazing turnstiles are ideal for installation in places where required a large number (metro, train stations and airports and so on), as using mechanical energy to provide their own consumption, they are perfectly fulfilling the goal of achieving zero harmful emissions related to their work, and with a fully "prozrachnogo" of the product.

Green Pass turnstile is equipped with generators of renewable energy, allowing you to generate energy every time a person passes through the turnstile. Otherwise no different from ordinary turnstiles (well, except that in addition to a very nice-looking appearance), these ecotricity do not have and may just as well not only accept tokens and tickets, but also magnetic cards, and to count the number of people held, and more.

It is obvious that absolutely deserved the authors of this concept was held with the project first place in the competition Lite-On. However, this was back in 2010, but let's hope that this wonderful project will not get lost somewhere on the margins of history, and in the near future, we will all proudly push the blades of horizontal bars, knowing that they themselves generated energy and make its own contribution to save our planet from pollution.

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