System Convertible - comfortable staircase for all

People who do not have serious health problems often do not even notice how few residential houses and public buildings equipped with everything needed to every person, including the disabled, could easily get it to the desired room. The easiest of these is important and necessary adaptations is a ramp. It would seem, nothing complicated is to equip the stairs sloping plane, but this is not always possible for objective reasons. One such reason is the simple lack of space.

System Convertible (Convertible) from designer Wen Chang Chi (Chan Wen Jie) is convenient for all users stairs that could easily be transformed into a ramp. This engineering idea aims to help older people and those who have difficulty climbing stairs to climb up and down easily and comfortably. Also it will be useful to those who will carry the heavy items, because in the presence of the ramp is no problem to use a cart or gurney. Thus, this concept of the ladder is able to minimize accidental falls and injuries.

This amazing staircase includes a simple mechanism that makes steps to climb at an angle and requires very little effort to activate it. Transform the stairs into a ramp can any who need it, completely alone. Moreover, this stair system can be mounted in already existing, that is, it does not require the construction of special bases for it, which means considerable savings in money and time.

Apart from the undoubted benefits of this ladder is also in such important conditions, such as easy installation, ease of use, small amount of required maintenance and low cost of production and installation.

Given the originality and the apparent usefulness of this concept it is not surprising that he won in the category of "Place of public use" in the annual design competition of the Design Zentrum Nordhein Westfalen, Essen conducted by the Institute. So let's hope that these wonderful stairs will gradually replace the traditional and allows people to feel more comfortable.

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