A difficult woman: boring You just will not!

Most men seem to find women who they just like. They do not comprehend them, do not know, do not open.

At the same time, the woman will be for you is literally the second half, it will have a huge impact on you. Women are much more rational than men. Their actions are logical. There's more exciting things in life than an affair with a woman with a complex character.

It may not be for everyone: not all love to solve puzzles. But those who dare to romance or family with such a woman will receive a great prize at the end.

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1. It will make your life a lot more interestingCan believe me or not, but "difficult" people are not born "difficult." There is no gene "complicated nature" that people get from their parents. People become more "complex" when they make such life experience.

And it is all different. The complex relationship is not always pleasant, but they are always more intriguing and exciting than "happy." IPhone from an engineering point of view, too complicated device, but those who understand its essence, you don't have to explain anything. So — exclusive relationship.

A complicated woman is always an interesting woman. Why? Because they can tell you dozens of exciting stories of their own, and not someone else's life. And you can become a part of them.

2. She will be an excellent sourceof Complex life experience is always a lot of great stories. And since they are all about themselves, you get very emotional.

It happens that after long years of relationship nothing will be left. If you don't want to continually open your partner to share with him the most important stories of their lives, so these relationships are there for a reason, but they are not an end in itself. Or maybe you're just having trouble giving the woman you don't love because of children?

But a woman with a complex character and a diabolical attraction of hard not to love. So ultimately, this is a very good choice.

3. Your girl will never sound like a broken record. It is difficult to win"Easy" and "boring" are synonymous. People by nature always strive for service, and men in particular. When it comes to their women, men are always (subconsciously) find out whose is better. We are fighters, competitors and conquerors.

We love to win and hate to lose. If we sapaden for a woman, pursue her until then, until they fall in love with us. Well, or have to make excuses for yourself, why is it supposedly not worth wasting time.

But as soon as we have an easy victory, then immediately lose interest in the game. Why our woman always should remain a mystery to us. But you do not have to make her miss you. Otherwise she'll just run away.

4. It can be a little intense, but it will make the relationshipAll think that ideal relationship is when everybody is always smiling and amauta. But to be honest, such a relationship simply does not exist. Cursing everything.

Any relations are undergoing serious tests. And then usually happens one of two scenarios. You can either quickly lose interest in quarrels and conflicts — and become a soulless type that will spend the rest of their life in depression without even knowing it. And the second option: you can take these frequent battles again and again — as if it is happening for the first time. And get the interesting life, full of passion and inspiration.

Stress of this kind does more good than harm.

5. She will make you work for it — and this is important that will support communications between you andMost people are so much hurry in the construction of relations as if in the price they were expecting some kind of medal for the championship.

You have to realize that the relationship is the reward. The beauty of a love relationship that you don't have to wait when you can eat your cake. However, they also require constant maintenance.

Most problems arise when one of the two decides that it can fulfill its part of this work.

Let's be honest: it's usually men. When men feel love their women, no longer feel the need to fight for it.

That's the difference between a husband and a lover.

A real man knows he needs to work to keep your favourite alive. A wise woman knows that if a man makes her feel special again and again, she should give him the maximum of their feelings.

Do not be afraid of their feelings. We all are afraid this awful feeling — the feeling of loss. Remind yourself that a good relationship with an unavailable woman is always a possibility.published

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