Two words that should remove from our speech

« Stop dreaming, it's time to act. Take life into your own hands »- this is the motto of the book" The habit of reach "of the writer and professor at Stanford University Bernard Roth. According to the author, we can achieve its objectives, excluding only two words of his speech.

< Website discloses an effective method in the book the professor, who actually helps turn life for the better. < br>

1. Replace "but" with "and" What if, instead of the phrase "I want to go to the movies, but I need to work," you say, "I want to go to the movies, and I need to work»

? According to Professor Roth, « When you use a piece of" but "you psychologically mean conflict action, even when it actually does not exist». And eating the conjunction "and", you unknowingly causes the brain to cause It operates both of your suggestions.

In linguistics, such constructions are called complex sentences with the adversative relation and connection. In the first case, the unions "but", "although", "however" have contrasting value, placing one part of the proposal in conflict with the second.

And the word "and", by contrast, has a unifying, a positive function, no part of the proposal does not contradict the other, they are equal.

Now that you have realized it, do not say « I want to buy new furniture, but before that I need to make repairs », say: « I want to buy new furniture, and before that I need to do Repair »

2. Replace "should" to "want" "This exercise is very useful in order to understand the results of their actions, especially unpleasant that you do the same yourself, and choose », - underlines Roth in his book.

Simply replace the verb can change the course of your life. If you wake up every day and think that you have to go to work, proceed to the unfinished and endless tasks and somehow survive the next working day, your life will turn into chaos.

< Quite a different result if waking up, you just concentrate on what you like in your work.

For example, on how the relief you will feel when you pass a complex project, how will you drink tea and joke with colleagues as you return home to loved ones and spend an unusual evening. All this, believe me, really is ready to positively charged day.

Instead of agonizing to sit working hours, better think about what you want to make this venture that will allow you to receive a reward, and demonstrate the ability to be realized. If you are inactive and sit quietly hate their work and life in general - and all will be bad, and blame only yourself

. As you can see, there is a huge difference between the «I have to go to her parents» and «I want to go to her parents» It is always better to use "want" rather than "be properly", and no matter what was going on.

Apply these tips is not easy, NO need if you MUST to achieve success, and at the same time, it's just And need if you WANT to achieve success - see the difference

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