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 - So, the word "only" aggravate his speech people accustomed to the fact everything in life is ... complicated. And the more complex the motivation of their intricate actions, the more their speech will slip the word "simple." That they seemed to invite the interlocutor to understand them, it's so easy! Yet they zloupotreblinyut dependent people, often justified: "I just wanted to see the vase, and she suddenly broke." Or: "I just told him that he did not interfere with his own business, and he just took it and was offended."

The words "type", "short," "means" upotreblinyut people tuned more aggressively. Most are teenagers or people retained into adulthood tineyderzhskih reliance on stereotypes.
"By the way," it says just that people feel awkward and out of place. But with the help of this remark is trying to attract attention and give the words meaning.
"This is the" it decorates people with poor memory or lazy, who often do not even try to recall the right word. Intelligent labor podyskivaniya they shift right word at him. However, they tend to rest their case and shift responsibilities to others.
"In fact," is used by people who believe that their inner world richer look - vigilantly and thought and speculation - more interesting than all the rest. These are people who are constantly open other eyes to reality. Of course, they piously believe that their only true worldview.
"Whatever" is used equally and teenagers (along with the "type" and "does"), and artistic nature, appreciating in situations uncertainty.
"Almost" - Manager word. Very quickly it sticks to people living specific purposes, especially not to think about the philosophical meaning of life. They are sorry, no time for such trifles.
"Actually" - a word people are not confident, quickly breaks down, always looking for what is happening around the catch, and those who even from nonsense ready to start a war of words.
"So to say" and "proper" - a vignette in intellectual speech.

It in Russian!

 - If the words-parasites, the predominant language, try to determine the nature of its support, the Russian-speaking citizens, alas, people look insecure, constantly doubting.
But the issue with the head of the extra words not only Russian. More recently, news agency has published the results of a survey conducted by the NGO "campaign for the purity of the English language."

The purpose of the study - to figure out what words or expressions in modern English irritate users most. The leaders began the phrase "at this time", "so to speak", "absolutely" and "with all due respect."
The French speech to parasites researchers attribute too often spoken interjection euh - "um", the verb "to know", the phrase "as if to say" and "do not know": "You would not know, sports or something, do not ... Or, I do not know, to sit on a diet. " Also there is something to ponder.

At the other extreme

 - Of course, listen to your interlocutor through word automatically inserts it into meaningless words, it is difficult. But this is an extreme case. Usually people use extra words relatively moderately to cope with anxiety, embarrassment or hide gain time for thought. And so-called parasites come here to help make it more humane.
However, today there is another trend - "gladkogovorenie" brought into the life of television.

Listen, in the programs of the genre has not spoken to distinguish a guest from the master: the two pronounced perfectly composed, equipped with the psychological and other terms the text has little in common with ordinary human speech. Therefore, when a friend told you suddenly begins to speak, Dr. Kurpatov, the joy of communicating it turns a little. Or here's a question: who of young people talking about their feelings for you, you believe more: someone who, biting excitement, slightly stumbled on a couple of "property" and several "so to speak," or the one who recognized bounces off the teeth like a speaker? Again, if stumbles, then he thinks. And if the words flow like water, it's not a question, and the song. It may be aesthetically beautiful, but sung the love of art, and not directed to the other party.

At risk

 - Word-parasites, like a virus, can pick up any person. But there are three major groups of people particularly vulnerable to infection.

They are those who fear the litter in his vocabulary, so is struggling to be explained exclusively the language of Turgenev. But in an attempt to elevate their speech, they are beginning to zloupotreblint epithets and aphorisms that by frequent repetition of all the same sound as the word-parasites.

It giperkommunikabelnye people who are out of a desire to find a common language with someone imitate his movements, facial expressions and, of course, the manner of speech. This category also includes people in the system of values ​​in life which occupies a leading position definition of "fashionable." They just copy the manner of speech of those who, in their opinion, is worthy of respect.

These people rarely listen to your speech

Out of the Shadows

 - If the word-parasites are present in your speech and you want to quickly get rid of them, use the following methods.
№1 Start to return According to their meaning. Do not say them without thinking, and each time remember, that each of them means. This technique is not applicable to the word "proper", but remember that the word "short" - part of the expression "short", is a snap. And if you, saying "short" really short and clear sformuliruesh his thought, this word will be in place and will cease to be meaningless. Exactly the same will happen with the "as if" if it is preceded by comparison.
№2 Try to replace some sound like they do with the swear words on TV. On the one hand, it will help you keep track of unnecessary words in his speech and tell them unconsciously. On the other - still obscenely all-time peak, beeping or whistle when speaking. Therefore, the chance that you will soon cleanse his speech, is quite large.
№3 punish yourself fine. Said, "type" - and a day without sweets. He said "by the way" out of place - immediately three squats. A very effective method, but difficult to fulfill, if you do not possess an iron will.
№4 Shall the situation to the point of absurdity - A country "Day of parasites." Full day (preferably output) can only be explained with words-parasites. Not only that, they say the day so that the most tired, most importantly, clearly see that in communicating them absolutely no good.
№5 Read more - it will enrich your vocabulary. And the next time you do not have to, searching for the right word, to hide behind the "how to" and "type".
№6 Create audio archive. Record yourself on tape (for example, aims to talk about the day and the events at least 5-7 minutes), and then carefully listen to a monologue.
№7 Enroll in courses of oratory.


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