Houses with ghosts

Some houses have become a place of pilgrimage for tourists not because of its unusual architecture or history, but because of the ghosts inhabiting them. Some of you are skeptical smile, someone just does not believe in the hereafter, as someone has already experienced the presence of ghosts myself. The most frightening haunted house - in front of you.

Castle Chillingham, Northumberland, England. The castle was once a monastery, defense clause, army barracks and private property. In the days of William Wallace and the Wars of Scottish Independence the castle played a crucial role for the defense of the British side. They say that in its walls the enemies of England terrible torture. Eyewitnesses say that the rooms of the castle can still feel the oppressive presence of people who were tortured and even hear their death cries.

Villa Whaley House, San Diego, California. The villa is the most populous haunted house in the United States. In the past century, the building housed the local court, and in the courtyard led to the execution of the sentence of hanging and committed suicide innocently convicted. In 1960 in a villa organized museum. Since then, visitors often haunted house owners: the hanged man and a woman passing through walls. Wishing to visit the historic building and see the ghosts come from all over the United States.

Hotel Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado. Hotel Stanley Hotel is familiar to all fans of the famous writer Stephen King: this is where he came up with the story for the future of the novel The Shining and this is where the shooting occurred miniseries based on the novel. In the eyes of ordinary people is more interesting hotel not his connections in Hollywood and ghosts inhabit it. Guests often see the ghosts of the first innkeeper and his wife. The hotel staff periodically hears strange noises coming from the rooms available, and see how the piano, standing in the hall, suddenly starts to play by itself.


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