Healers from the point of view of science

Ellochka Schukina and savage tribe "mumbo-Jumbo" – like vocabulary and a love of shiny objects. The clients of traditional healers and savage tribe "mumbo-Jumbo" is one religion. Why in the XXI century, people continue to believe the healers? What can psychics help? Can do and how they do it?

Shaman, healer and Seraph will Sarauskiene from afar: in the beginning was the word. And it is not owned by anyone else, as the most famous pervert of all time – Sigmund Freud. His book "totem and taboo" refers to the category changed the world. In it the founding father of psychoanalysis proves the origin of all modern world religions from the institution of totemism, the deification of the animal, which thrives in some of the wild tribes today. But to stay on the insights of Freud today, we will not about where "grow legs" of the religions we have already mentioned (article, "what is God?", April 2013). Let us briefly recall only the schema evolution of any monotheistic religion, which Freud puts forward the main hypothesis of his book.

Our primitive ancestors lived, as you know, in a Patriarchal community under the leadership of the leader. He alone had the right to all the women of his tribe, and the only thing these women can bear children. For claim to love any of the women (who could be each other and mothers and sisters) father punished the rebellious (often their own sons) in two ways: castration or banishment from the community. Unable to bear the tyranny, one day the sons killed the father, and then ate in order to "be fed" by his power: in a literal, similar to the childish, magical thinking savages force can be obtained only directly consume it.

It should say that it looks wild just for You. In a primitive environment, sexual relationships between family members and cannibalism, things are simple and clear. This, of course, not talking about an isolated case of patricide.. Such a rebellion is likely to have occurred periodically for centuries, or thousands of years. After the successful outcome of the struggle for "free love" in the dark hearts of the sons knocked on conscience (after all, murdered their father had been). Since then, in order to drown out her incessant voice, the savages came up with a Ritual. The symbol of the slain father became the deified totem animal. To kill and eat him was prohibited under pain of death, all the days of the year... except one.

When the savages gathered together (important point – it is only together, they killed the unhappy totem animal and eat it, to purify themselves from the contamination and partake of his Holiness. Later the symbol became a totem of a monotheistic "God the son": Christ, Mohammed, etc. (the thoughts about symbolism of the sacred ordinances of the Passover by eating the "body of Christ" and drinking "His blood", and also Lent before, as well as on the feast of Eid al-Adha we keep silent, leaving to do this by the readers).

But totem (and even the spirits of Nature and the slain of the totem, which then evolved into the pagan gods need to be conductors. They are shamans: they are treated, predicted, curse, bewitch and cleansed. Millennia later, some shamans seem to have become healers. Later saints. In Russia they were called "people of God" and "elders" who healed and performed miracles. Then he disappeared and they (in Russia it is known, occurred what is called "under five" – forcibly and rapidly, with the advent of Soviet power), replaced by... completely skeptical representatives of public health doctors.

Perhaps that is why after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a disgraced 1990-ies in our country broke "tsunami" is not the saints, and before them the caste of healers. 75 years of the eradication of Christianity and other, more developed, than the pagan religions, after all, did the trick. But the tsunami has the property to subside. One and a half hour broadcast on the Central channels Kashpirovsky and Chumak, who watched the whole country, was replaced by a modest, though numerous ads in Newspapers (and now online) on the healers and sorcerers of all stripes.

But if the nature of revival and healing in our country, but who attends them, believing in their higher power? Maybe, it is what they really are?

Unhappy people-savages– When a person is under stress, depressed, often we regress to infantile States of mind, – the expert of the European Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Love zaeva. For example, the adult can be a protective magical thinking (remember the magical thinking of the savages – NS), when anxiety is reduced a certain ritual.

Children often come up with such games, saving them from fears, based on ritual actions. "If I'm on one leg jump from this tree to the house, mother will never die", "If I counted 50 black cars, well write tests" (common in children rituals obsessions – NS). Turning to witch doctors and sorcerers – also, in some measure, a manifestation of magical thinking. The psyche needs to be rituals, rituals in some way able to structure mental processes and the person finds a space where through ritual actions, the mind gets the resource.

Ideally, man is a self-regulating system, and the psyche is always striving to cure itself. By any means. Sometimes very intricately. For example, if the broken psyche archetypal (given to us at the genetic and neural levels) "file" Samuelides, enables a compensation mechanism. Man looking figure, which would be dellagiovanna such a recovery function. For some, this figure may be a loved one, friend, mother. For others (if there are some irregularities in the underlying trust to close) a compensatory figure should be a stranger but is able to create the emotional field of adoption.

The witch doctor will always give to understand that the client is very important figure that he would be understood and accepted. Witch doctor – this is the host the Other, a stranger, but at the same time new and Close admitted to the unseen, body and soul. In the perception of the client, the healer is powerful and fearless, and that means fantasy, through fellowship with him can be intretinut, to absorb part of his power, like to become stronger. In fact, patients often come to a faith healer like a kind of permission to be strong (getting "permission" happens unconsciously, on the non-verbal level – NS). "Can I not get sick?" Is "can".

Go to a witch doctor come and exchange, which is impossible in the usual space, when someone would like to leave your fears, your weakness, and the object (the healer – NS) will not be destroyed (not sick, not dying, not upset, unlike, say, from close person – NS) has protective magical powers.

G. Myasoedov. Quack. 1860

Neurotics and psychotics– Psychoanalysis and healing today are not competitors, so I don't support a "witch hunt" waged by some colleagues, – says the famous St. Petersburg psychotherapist-psychoanalyst Dmitry Olshansky. To the psychoanalysts, as a rule (although there are exceptions), comes the highly educated, cultured people, often with University education, capable of reflection. People who are unlikely to believe in divination by the hand, lifting the crown of celibacy, personality types, Ayurveda, transerfing reality, the constellations according to Hellinger and conjuring spirits.

I don't think that such fun as Christmas divination, rituals obsessions (here again there is a speech about the role of rituals for a certain category of people – NS) or astrological horoscopes can cause some serious psychological damage. No benefit or harm they bring, and prevail on the entertainment level.

On the contrary, they are able to stabilize many of neurotics and create digestible delusions of psychotics, which helps them to interact with the world. For example, someone's psyche could not accept the idea that all people are fundamentally different, and each is unique; such thoughts can drive a person to madness. Then he comes to the aid of some newfangled pseudo-psychological doctrine and says that there are only 14 personality types, and each can build a relationship on a ready program. That is not necessary every person to be perceived as a personality with his own inner world, it can be treated as one of the 14 types of mechanisms, each of which includes an instruction. Many psychotics it makes life easier and protects them from failure in psychosis. Some of these teachings come up with a pretty interesting "program of control of reality" from which the psychotic can create his own nonsense.

If to speak about real danger, it can represent different esoteric teachings and magical practices that use psychological techniques of influencing the consciousness. Such practices not only impose on people a certain magical worldview that is contrary to science, but often and values, "right and wrong", and also impose a certain discipline on the body and even impose dietary restrictions. All of this can harm not only physical but also mental health.

Crystal ball used to see with it, the future, at least — the past

Magic plate– in order to understand how can help a person sorcerers, healers, wizards and other magicians, to begin with it is important to know the basic things: what purpose do all of the above citizens are healing; do they believe in their supernatural powers; how they are mentally healthy; if they want to enrich themselves at the expense of their activities and stuff, " says the psychoanalyst, Director of the Institute for the development of psychoanalysis (Kiev), President of the Ukrainian League of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Lyudmila Uskova. Depending on this and will build the process of interaction with the patient. It is no secret that among the above-mentioned contingent are a lot of charlatans. But it is possible that units possess some supernatural energy force that hitherto unexplored by us. However, the margin in percentage terms, nevertheless, rather, on the side of the charlatans. One should not overlook the fact that they can present General concepts about the anatomy, physiology and medicine, with the result that it is easy to assist with minor illnesses.

A separate theme – suffering. Initially, addressing the healer, a man already gives him in his fantasies of incredible power and desire to experience it for yourself. All this is reinforced by the enthusiastic stories through third parties your friends, who supposedly have examples of cure. Such interaction may be multiple factors that "help" the patient: suggestion, persuasion, charisma, faith in healing, the willingness of patients to take their health (similar phenomenon mentioned above – the "permission" to be healthy – NS), unwillingness to know the true cause of the disease, and so on.

For the most part, people want a magic pill that will relieve them from suffering, and they don't want to know the reasons for these sufferings arise. And certainly they are not ready for a long time to work on their problems, to establish his own life. There is a certain illusion that there are "higher powers", is able in one moment to solve all their problems. This most often occurs in the absence of a Mature position, that is, if infantilization.

Let's take an example. The young man violation of the vegetative functions that doctors are often called vegetative-vascular dystonia in the absence of the ability to make an accurate diagnosis. To cure it I can't because problem is not in the body but in the psyche. Medications can relieve symptoms but not to normalize the condition. The inability to recover causing the young man's anxiety and fear. After a couple of years of doctor's visits he was exhausted and ready to take any measures. And then he authoritatively reported that over 550 kilometers, in the middle of nowhere lives a true magician, a wizard, a magician, who for one or two sessions cure all! How not to believe? Our young man travels a long way to happiness... it can not happen! His faith in the future a cure were so great that he took it. Another question – for how long. Symptom in VSD it was extremely necessary, as it was some of the experiences, events, secondary benefits, in the end ("secondary gain" in psychology is called unconsciously motivated by the desire to benefit from neurotic symptoms or illness; the primary benefit is why is the disease secondary – another unconscious "plus" from the disease – NS). Taking away a symptom, "the wizard" has exposed the problem areas. In this case, after some time the symptom will come back or there will be another.

In such situations, much damage healers can not cause. But there are examples when the diagnosis "cancer" people turn to psychics and healers, instead of having to undergo chemotherapy. The outcome, as we know, there is much sadder.

Nicolo Renieri. A fortune-teller. 1626

Broken people– Recently, we conducted a study on identifying the personality characteristics of people who turn to psychics, " says a psychologist of the psychoanalytic orientation, the teacher of chair of psychology of the Academy of public administration under the President of the Russian Federation Daniel Rakhmatulina. – I will tell only about our conclusions. Our study showed that healers, mages and other such healers are people who are prone to mystical thinking. It was also revealed that people tend to recourse to psychics, has such defense mechanisms as denial, regression, projection, substitution. In addition, they have violated the way I am, they tend to waste of emotions, they tend to show both positive and negative emotions, what often leads to violations in the sphere of emotional responsiveness, the erosion of trust in interpersonal relationships. They are characterized by fantasy, which may lead to rapid changes in relation to the development of the situation, to the consequences of their actions.

Correlation between the frequency of references to psychics and reproduction of the negative experiences that testifies to the tendency to appeal to supernatural forces of people for a long time preserving impressions about their experiences, mostly on negative experiences.

Discovered and the relationship between frequency of references to psychics and such a feature of subjective control, as the internality of failures. This means that these people tend to write off responsibility for unpleasant events to other people or, for example, "doom", a spell or the evil eye. In the end, in our research, we concluded that people seeking help from psychics, characteristic features of the so-called "borderline" personality. This means that these people can be broken from the standpoint of psychological health.

Albert Anker. A fortune-teller. 1880

From the book by Edward Radzinsky "the Rasputin: the Life and death": "a Thousand years ago, in the tenth century, the Rus adopted Christianity, but paganism never left the country. A curious symbol: the Christian churches in Russia often have a "base" of the pagan shrines. As it is written in the chronicle: "Postavili the Church of Saint Basil on the hill where formerly stood the idol of Perun..." the Pagan gods, from whom the princes forced to abandon the nation continued to live invisibly. For example, the God Veles, according to the ancient sages "in charge of" fertility, ironically transformed into a "God-pleaser St. Blaise of St. Nicholas". Gamehouse thunder Perun was replaced gromachevsky thunderstorms Elijah the prophet... the Pagan admiration for nature, its deification remained in the human psyche. And the ease with which the people after the revolution, agreed on the orders of the Bolsheviks to destroy their great temples, very reminiscent of the ease with which the orders of the princes smashed and burned pagan shrines. A thousand years the whole region lived, combining paganism and Christianity. And Holy healers existed near the ancient witches: healers treated, and sorcerers assigned (or cast) a spell".

The proximity to bessoznatelnogo can help to psychics, healers and healers? Possible. Especially if you believe in it. Believers, as you know, see what you want, and often feel what they want, and, at the physiological level. Psychological science has long known fact cure the worst diseases only "psychological" way, as well as diseases them via the same channel – only through the psyche. It is known, for example, that autistic people are often practically do not get sick: no colds, no flu. Their psychological world is not let in anyone: even bacteria and viruses. Unbelievable, but true.

Has not been canceled and the placebo effect. But the main thing – has not been canceled deep psychological mechanisms of interaction that occur between "believers" client and healer. It is always a combination of two people that are "something". Someone is considered to be a miracle, and someone- to the most ordinary psychotherapy. Although often useless, and sometimes harmful, because the vector of "treatment" is not directed there.

But what about the predictions of psychics, which sometimes come true? And it is possible. Some people are known to have so strong intuition that we are really able to predict or see through people's bullshit. But this is not a miracle. Phenomenally well-developed intuition is probably nothing like the very strong affinity of man to his unconscious, which is able to accurately read and feel the current situation and, consequently, to be able to predict its outcome in the future, ranging from political events to the action of a particular person. All this in the mind of the psychic is completely unconscious, so he ascribes this ability to the gift. But, alas, being so close to your unconscious has often been said, looks like about a strong human disturbance, which often may be a potential mental patient. Although talented.

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