Geniuses in the darkness

The human mind never ceases to amaze mysteries not only a simple layman, but the true luminaries of science, who devote his learning years. One of the most incredible and little known is the syndrome of media which is called a Savant.

What is so amazing santista

Savants – people with severe dementia have so-called "Islands of genius", thanks to which they show a truly phenomenal abilities in one and only one region. This can be a phenomenal memory, so that they can up to a minute to replay any day of your life or an incredible talent in possession of a musical instrument. Some of them speed works mathematical operations can compete with computing machines.

Most of them can not completely trivial, in our opinion, things: tie shoes, make a tea or to distinguish a bus from a toy car. In our time on the planet lives not more than fifty people who have Savant syndrome confirmed and recognized.

How do they do it

A clear answer to the true cause, and the mechanism of the brain these unique individuals, no. It has been many theories, from the reasonable to the absolutely absurd, consider sevantilal to a particular race, having an extraterrestrial origin.

Of the brain, as if not intended for analysis, he just knows the end result. Numerous studies suggests that ordinary conscious activity that accompanies processes of awareness and thinking of the ordinary person, they simply do not have.

Eternal mystery

The question of the reasons for this electoral genius has already for decades vexed scientists. Why do normal people all trying to activate the "island of genius" have been unsuccessful, and nature gives direct access to it. Who knows, will be a gift or a curse for mankind the opportunity to make a genius of any.

While the answer to this question is no. It only remains a mystery savantul wandering in the darkness of ordinary knowledge, and never cease to amaze us with its fragile genius.


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