Interesting facts about animals from National Geographic

National Geographic Magazine is constantly expanding collection of facts about animals. Our selection of only very modest living inhabitants of the planet.

The female carries a bearded Capuchin stone. So she flirts. If the female throws a stone in like a male, then she invites him to meet you. Also can touch the fur of the male and get away quickly.

Bearded Capuchin carries a stone in Brazil

Male cichlids fish build sand castles, to scare others who wish to encroach on his family and female. Protected!

Fish cichlid

Singing Lyrebird wonderful mockingbird. It emulates the sounds of music from classical music to rattling tape. It can mimic a person to represent the sound running chainsaw, siren. In addition, in the mating season Lyrebird still dancing, fluffed tail to the beat of their sound to attract the female.

Singing Lyrebird

Bowerbird bird from New Guinea attracts the female by building a long tunnel of branches. And to decorate it carries objects and weaves them into it. The more decorations (pegs, clips, threads, buttons), the richer the "bride" and the greater the chance of finding a pair.

Shalashnikov brought ladylove clip

Pakistan is home to a small number of snow leopards are listed as endangered. They were ruthlessly exterminated, now lives on the planet, according to the most optimistic estimates, 4,000 individuals.

Snow Leopard came to the automatic camera

First of camels in desert Arava near the Israeli border began to breed about 900 BC Archaeologists believe that after Egypt conquered the kingdom of Judah, on the territory of the valley was organized by copper mining, and camels were brought here as pack animals.

The Bedouins are the camels into the empty Arava

Echidna live more than 50 years. In winter, the females go into hibernation, and males, driven by an instinctive need to impregnate as many females dig their burrows and are looking for partners. Females can wake up in the spring already pregnant and did not even remember that it climbed to the male. If the male to the female climbs into the hole, when she feeds the young, it may inadvertently kill them mixed up with my mom.

Fed echidna milk dripping from a special cavity in the abdomen. Nipples as there are none, and milk spreads through the body, and could be the basis for the development of fungi and bacteria, but does not become, because it contains a substance that inhibits the growth of abnormal flora. Milk vipers so excellent drug and preservative.


Bengal tigers consume, because their internal organs are used for the manufacture of drugs of oriental medicine. Because of this, the number of tigers has decreased over the last 10 years almost doubled. Remained copies in Nyanme, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh. They prefer to live singly, often found in mangrove forests.

Bengal tiger

It is believed that the most loyal birds - swans, but it is not. In contrast, the cormorant is not only a lifetime maintained by couples, but also spend all their free time together, gently biting each other's neck and making a synchronous movement. Even build nests together as if dancing pair dance. Family of birds nest there, and the male to appease the female, performs its beak clean feather to relieve stress.

Lovers cormorants

Rukonozhka or Madagascar rukonozhka or ah-ah - kind of prosimians, constantly living on Madagascar. The indigenous people of many centuries was considered ay-ay harbinger of evil as a black cat, and killed them. Now the animal is threatened with extinction, including due to poaching.


Manatees - large genus of aquatic mammals monotypic family Trichechidae, the order Sirenia.

Languid and lazy like pig (or cows), manatees have a strong tail. It allows them to move with great speed under water while swimming, they are very beautiful, even fascinating. Manatees cleaners bottom bushes. Eaten one manatee grass reaches 1/10 of its weight (and it's a day!).

Manatee or sea cow

Wolverine looks like a bear, but it is representative of the weasel family. Hunters are afraid wolverine and believe it is the king of the forest, not a bear. Wolverine is very angry and tough hunters, with a passion for meat and flair to the blood. The smell of a wounded animal can sense at a distance of 15 km. Run faster, hardy. If a person is weakened, can finish it and eat carrion, although most eat rabbits and small game.


Animal Voss lives in Madagascar. It looks like a cat, but it's actually a mongoose. A clever, smart, elusive creature. It moves through the trees with the help of the tail, which are operating as nimbly as a monkey.


White rhino is actually gray, as well as the Black Rhino. Distinguish white and black rhinos on the shape of the lips. Black has lip-scoop to capture the grass with trees and white are the upper lip capture to collect grass from the earth.

White rhino

Belouhy Cob, an antelope that lives in the African savannah. Unusual hierarchy in the pack makes them unique animals. Koba males win back space and keep it under control. Great success enjoyed by those males from females who are able to "hold" more land.


Sea otter is found in the Pacific Ocean near the coast of Asia. It sleeps in water, in water bears dies in water, all the while keeping the body in water, and almost always at the head surface. In a unique way sea otters eat shellfish. They take out the otters in shells, one paw pressed against his chest, taking a stone and knock them in the sink until it breaks. Pretty funny looks a pack of otters, which persistently tapping rhythm stones on his chest waiting for their dinner.

Sea ape


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