Acid-base balance: What is a metabolic acids

The products that we use can be divided into 3 large groups:

1. Oxidizing,

2. Alkalizing,

3. Sour.

The names of the first two groups originated from the impact that they have on the body, i.e., the oxidizing or alkalizing. The third group can have on the body both effect. Its title reflects the only product characteristic sour taste. To balance the balance, it is recommended to use Antioxidants.

There is a special category of people suffering from metabolic acids. The body of these people is oxidized at the use of acidic products, and other people from the same products the body oxalacetate.

What is a metabolic acids?

This is when the body does not assimilate certain nutrients. Undigested or not fully usvoenie ballast substances deposited in the body, which a disease occurs. These substances poison the body or interfere with his work.

For example, if diabetes is poorly absorbed sugar, rheumatism – protein, if excessive obesity – fat, PR celiac disease – the gluten, the water retention in the body and salt.

Knowledge of the 3 groups allows you to eat the right food when you restore acid-alkaline balance. Products choose on the following main principles:

1. For people not suffering from a metabolic disorder acid: alkalizing and acidic foods must be greater than oxidizing.

2. For people suffering from a metabolic disorder acid: alkalizing foods should be greater than oxidizing and acidic.

Oxidizing products

It's mostly food rich in proteins, carbohydrates or fats.

  • Meat: poultry, sausage, meat broth, fish, sea foods (mussels, shrimp)
  • Eggs
  • Cheese (solid cheese acids more than soft)
  • Animal fats ( fat, lard, grease and so on)
  • Vegetable oil (especially peanut and refined oil), margarine
  • Integral and non-integral grains (wheat, oats, millet)
  • Bread, pasta, cereals and products based on grain
  • Legumes peas, soybeans, white beans, beans
  • Sugar
  • Sweets: syrups, pies, chocolate, candy, jam, candied fruit
  • Oilseeds: nuts, seeds (except almonds and Brazil nuts)
  • Sugary drinks: soft drinks on the basis of the Cola and other
  • Coffee, tea, cocoa, wine

Acidic foods

Products, oxidizing or alkalizing effect which depends on the metabolism in the body. Sour productstart a lot of acid, hence their taste and name.

  • Milk products: yogurt, yogurt, yogurt, cottage cheese (loosely pressed)
  • Berries: white, red, black currant, raspberry, strawberry, cherry
  • Immature fruit (they are more sour)
  • Acidic fruits: citrus (lemon, grapefruit, Mandarin, orange), some varieties of apples, plums, apricots
  • Sweet fruits (especially in large quantities)
  • Acidic vegetables: tomatoes, eggplant, rhubarb, sorrel, watercress
  • Sauerkraut, pickled vegetables
  • Fruit juices, lemon juice (in salad dressing)
  • Honey
  • Vinegar

Alkalizing foods

These products omelicheva because, on the one hand, they are rich in bases and do not contain any acids at all, or contain them in a small quantity; on the other hand, they do not form acids during various metabolic processes in the body.

  • Potatoes
  • Green vegetables ( raw and grilled), lettuce, lettuce, green beans, cabbage, etc.
  • Colored vegetables: carrots, beets, etc. ( except the tomatoes and eggplant)
  • Corn
  • Milk ( liquid and dry), cottage cheese (well pressed), cream, butter
  • Bananas
  • Almonds, Brazil nuts
  • Dried fruits: dates, raisins ( except for a sour taste, for example: apricots, apples)
  • Alkaline mineral water
  • Drinks from the puree of almond
  • Black olives, canned in oil
  • Avocado
  • Oil cold pressed
  • Sugar, evaporated sugar cane

Eight rules for preserving acid-base balance

1. Food should never consist solely of acidifying foods and should always contain alkalizing foods.

2. When eating the amount of alkalizing foods should be greater than oxidizing.

3. The amount of alkalizing foods should be greater, the more acidic the internal environment of the organism, and also in cases when a person violated an exchange of acids.

4. A diet composed solely of alkalizing vegetables are possible, but for a limited period of time ( 1-2 weeks).

5. Food should not only consist of acidic foods and should contain alkalizing foods.

6. Oxidizing and acidic foods should be eaten in amounts consistent with osobennostyam metabolism of the body.

7. Not very often is acidic foods.

8. Acidic foods, eat only when your body is ready to accept them. published


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