Conclusion acid from the body: how to restore your health

Regular intake of alkalizing foods allows the body to stop the oxidation process and reduce the concentration of acids, but often this measure is not sufficient for complete neutralization of the internal environment. Rebuilding the power, it is necessary to resort to additional measures - human consumption of dietary supplements with micronutrients.

Five essential micronutrients:

Calcium - the most common trace mineral in the body. Mostly, it is found in the skeleton. But calcium is also needed, and other tissues, such as nervous. By

Potassium - he plays fundamentalnyyu role and processes of cellular metabolism. With its lack of energy production is reduced. And can appear muscle cramps.

Magnesium - it contributes to the normal working of the nervous system and improves immunity

. Iron - is necessary for oxygen transport in blood. This is a very important trace element for people with impaired exchange acids, ie for those whose body, among other things, bad oxidize volatile acids.

Manganese - acts as a catalyst in many biochemical reactions

. In food dietary supplements is not clearly defined doses. And individual dosage must always be found empirically by the patient. When determining the dosage of mineral dietary intake of biologically active agents are gradually adjusted to such a number, in which the urine pH is set to 7 to 7, 5.

Many patients do not achieve the desired effect in the treatment, either because they do not know the rule, either because they do not observe it. The purpose of the course of treatment - to deliver the number of bases in an organism which is sufficient to neutralize the acid daily entering the tissue. In each case it is different, because the oxidation state of the internal environment all its own.

If organism needs dosage below, neutralize acids, of course, will proceed, but not to the extent that this is necessary. A positive result of the treatment will be lower than expected. It can go on forever. Since all the body also will miss the grounds.

The purpose of treatment mineral supplements - not only to neutralize the acid and bring to the surface, but also remove the acid accumulated in the tissues. While we do not derive them from there, we can not restore their health and completely neutralize the internal environment. But when we cured the hidden sores, comes a full recovery. After all, because of illness, was caused by oxidation, determined not superficial symptoms, and oxidation of the internal environment.

Conclusion acids from the body

For removal of acids meet the kidneys, skin and lungs. Kidneys were removed and the skin strong acids (uric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, i.e. acids derived from animals (proteins) Light -. Outputted as carbon dioxide or readily volatile weak (citric, pyruvic, oxalic, are educated of plant food) .

acid drainage through

kidney To enhance filtration and removal of the kidney acids should be encouraged to work more intensively. The first method is the stimulation of the kidneys is to increase water consumption. A good way to remember to use the appropriate amount of water throughout the day - drink after every urination (as given fluid, as adopted)

. Water entering the body, stimulates the removal of toxins, as it can easily dilute and transfer large amounts of acids and salts. You can increase the amount of acid output by stimulating the kidneys ability to filter medications ratseniyami (black currant, artichoke, lime broth, bearberry)

Conclusion acids through the skin

The sweat secreted by sweat glands, removes strong acid. Sweat glands act as a conventional filter acids and toxins found in the blood. Once in the filter, acid trapped in it and are ejected through sweat.

Isolation stimulate sweat: physical activity, steamed procedures - bath, sauna, hot vanny.Fizicheskaya activity stimulates blood circulation by reducing the muscle. When Steaming body capillaries dilate and the rate of blood circulation increases. In normal skin allocates 1-1, 5 liters of sweat per day. We do not feel it, because most of the sweat evaporates immediately. It is possible to intensify the sweat glands using the medicinal plants. These plants are called sweatshops, they increase perspiration, and thus contribute to the removal of acids along with it.

acid drainage through the lungs

Light plays a dual role in the removal of acids. On the one hand, volatile acids are oxidized through the oxygen supplied through the lungs. On the other - acid output via the respiratory tract in the form of carbon dioxide. Everyone knows the beneficial effect of oxygen on the pH. A man working in a closed unventilated room, has a tendency to oxidation of the body.

After walking in the open air the pH can rise significantly without taking food alkalizing and mineral supplements. Movement increases respiration amplitude. Those. glubokiz number of breaths. Any physical activity is good for acid output. It is better to walk 30 minutes in the fresh air every day, than to engage in intense walking at the weekend for 3 hours.

Reducing foods containing base


This alga that grows in fresh water. It contains a lot of protein and beta-carotene (vitamin A), vitamin B12, and eeleza gammalinolevoy acid (vitamin the F), which is not present in any other product. By number of vitamin E, it is not inferior grain sprouts. The concentration of calcium and magnesium in it is the same as that in milk. In addition, it contains large amounts of other vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Spirulina powder 10g enough to cover the 5-human daily requirement for vitamin B12, in 4-day vitamin A, 83% in the iron needs 30% of vitamin B2, 25% vitamin B1 and so on. Spirulina is recommended for chronic fatigue, anemia, vision disorders, painful menstruation, and skin problems. It also strengthens the immune system and facilitates the removal of toxins from the body's internal environment. To restore the lack of nutrients in organic spirulina elements you need to take 1-2 months.


His healing properties of ginseng is known to people for over 4000 years. The composition of the ginseng root, first and foremost. Marked in vitamins of group B. On it also has vitamins A, C, E & D, minerals and trace elements. His healing properties of the plant is required to substance called zhenshenoidom. Medications based on ginseng should keep it for at least 6%.

Ginseng is used in the following indications:. Exhaustion, disease, degeneration, depression, weak nervous system, diabetes, stress, as well as problems with the liver, memory, etc. The course of treatment lasts 4-6 weeks and is repeated throughout the year as necessary

GRAIN seedlings.

Seedling - the most nutrient-rich part of the grain. grain growth does not diminish but increases the pool of nutrients. During the grain growth is enriched with nutrients. New substances are formed due to the enzymes. So 100g grain contains: 45-71 g of calcium and 133-342 g of magnesium. vitamin B1 content is increased by 20%, Vitamin B5 45% of vitamin B6 for 200% vitaimna 225% A, vitamin E to 300%, vitamin C 500%. Most rich grain during germination.

To germinate the grain, they need to put 12 hours in a glass of water, then put on a plate and regularly wet. After 3-4 days the seedlings appear. Germinated grain eat when germ reach 3-5 mm in length. At this stage, the grain is still white. There is need to own seedling and root formed. Such a grain taste and can be used in salads.

Germinated seeds are useful for the recovery of the body, with hypotension. Addiction to trambozam, painful and irregular menstruation.

Daily rate - 1 tablespoon of dry sprouted grains. Due to the high concentration of nutrients bust leads to excessive physical and mental stimulation. Therefore germinated grain is not recommended at high pressure and in the evening. His daily quota can be used for 1 reception during lunch or dinner. Typically, treatment lasts 2-3 weeks and can be repeated as necessary.


White halibut and cod inhabit the northern seas, in their liver contains fat, rich in vitamin D, which promotes not only the absorption of calcium in the intestinal level, it also helps to continuously maintain the necessary level of calcium in the blood, allowing the cells to use it at any time. In addition, this vitamin helps calcium fixation in bones, making them more durable.

To combat the oxidation of the body frequently draws calcium from the blood supplies and skeleton. In addition of vitamin D, this oil also contains large amounts of vitamin A, useful for the eyes and skin. Indications for use of fish oil rickets, osteoporosis, tooth decay. And also it is recommended to take the children, adolescents and women at menopause. Fish oil is especially recommended to drink in winter. The course lasts 2-3 months.

People are oxidized by the body does not need to wait for winter. They can be treated at any time of the year. You can then repeat the course 1 time per year in winter.

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