Anatomical drawings of Leonardo da Vinci laid out in the open access

An outstanding scientist and artist Leonardo da Vinci actively studied human anatomy and was going to publish their works in a special treatise.

After the death of the genius of his disordered mass thumbnails with descriptions anywhere I was not present for over 400 years.

An impressive collection of anatomical drawings da Vinci digitized British organization Royal Collection Trust, in which they are stored.

In order to understand human physiology, da Vinci studied the structure of the body and conducted the autopsy. Located in New York, the Metropolitan Museum has published an article that many artists of the Renaissance had to study anatomy to depict human figures significantly.

Da Vinci came to the anatomy with the same scientific interest, as well as the architecture, engineering, development of flying machine or to the creation of weapons. Many of his anatomical drawings he provided detailed descriptions, which is done using a mirror tracing lines. This method is used to conduct a scientist diaries.


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