4 popular diets that can be called unhealthy

Often, in order to gain a good figure, we have to go on a diet. This is the right approach, but it is worth remembering that not all diets are equally useful are certain, on the other hand, can cause irreparable harm to the body. We invite you to familiarize yourself with chetyrmyatakimi diets, and absolutely do not advise you to follow them.

1. dietaPodobnoy Cleansing diets are often at their own risk and adhere to Hollywood stars. According to the principle of this diet in order to lose weight, you must first cleanse the body of all the toxins, especially with respect to the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract.

The basis of the diet is a cleansing cocktail of cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon juice. To be most effective you need to drink a glass of this drink before each meal - it supposedly promotes the excretion of all the harmful toxins and absorption of all necessary substances. Also, the day of forbidden consume more than 1300 kcal.

The diet is dangerous, first of all, that causes the body to severe stress. For any diet should be approached with a mind, and so extreme excretion of toxins can lead, oddly enough, to the depletion in some form or another. In addition, the effectiveness of this diet is insignificant, and after you pass the course, which lasts usually from three to six months, and will return to a normal diet, then again very quickly start to gain weight.

2. Cabbage dietaSut cabbage diet that becomes the foundation of your diet cabbage soup. In this case, it is possible if desired to add small amounts of any other food - chicken, boiled beef and vegetables. During the week, you should eat only this soup, and as a result lose weight by 4 to 5 kg.

Perhaps you really achieve the promised result as cabbage clogs the stomach and, therefore, reduces appetite and body for this time burns extra fat. In words, everything sounds great, but in reality you are not losing fat and muscle mass as the body raised in similar conditions, begin to need protein, and if you take more than the desired protein nowhere, then it will have to take out their own muscles. As a result, problems begin to metabolism and intestine due to the fact that in cabbage contains too few vitamins and trace elements.

3. "The Cave" dietaPrintsip that there should be only once a day: that makes you gain weight three meals and endless snacks throughout the day. If there is only one time something is impossible to recover, and you start to lose weight for sure.

Yes, you lose weight, perhaps, begin. But in addition to the rapidly melting kilograms get mood swings, constant feeling of hunger and, again, the lack of nutrients. In addition, when receiving food only once a day is very difficult to resist and do not eat too much at a time, which would entail the heaviness in the stomach, while the diet will lead to long-term malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract.

4. Respiratory dietaOsnovoy respiratory diet is a complete renunciation of food and drink. The point is not that we need to eat less or excluded from the diet certain foods - are precisely in the fact that neither eat nor drink can not be at all. All what you should eat and what you should be enough - it's the air.

Thus, it is believed that with this diet just to breathe - steadily and deeply. Thus, you actually expose yourself to starvation, which is dangerous for the body: you are not getting any nutrients and thus exhausts his body. Of course, if you do not have a long enough time, you will surely lose weight, but in addition, risk ill anorexia or get a stomach ulcer. In addition, the failure of the water and also in adulthood can cause diseases of the joints.

Of course, a good figure on every woman dreams of, but we must not forget that in any case must be handled wisely. Therefore, before starting a diet you should consult with a professional nutritionist and protect themselves from extreme diets. Lose weight gradually is better not to cause harm to your body. A faithful companion, which increases the efficiency of any (regular) diet drug will be to reduce the weight and keeping XL-S Medical. Take care of how you look and how you feel!

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