Amazing scale model cars from wood from Alexei Safonov

That is an amazing scale model cars from wood from Alexei Safonov really true, hard to believe. Scale 1:36 — and with over 1000 wood parts, differentials with the calculated gear ratio, door hinge length of 0.5 mm. Model, such work Perm masters Alexei Safonov, nobody else makes in the world.

Amazing scale model cars from wood from Alexei Safonov

These scale model vehicles seem very, very fragile. The first thought that occurs when you look at the model Safonova, — how is this done? How to carve two dozen polumillimetrovogo door hinges, insert them even more tone - cue pin and cause the door to open? How can you turn the clutch gear and to connect them with transmission, if the diameter of each of the gears does not exceed a few millimeters? Despite the fact that it is not steel, but wooden, almost weightless and requires inhuman precision in calculations and processing.
Is — can. All the tools for microrobot Alex makes their own — from simple stacks and sewed to a small lathe. The thinnest drill he uses, can hold drill bits with a diameter up to 0.3 mm. the Work is conducted in special glasses with index lenses or with the help of compact 12x microscopes. The rest is a matter of technique and persistence, since each scale model car is created from three months to a year and a half.
For example, the technology of making wheels for "Alfa Romeo 8C 2300" in 1932 looks like this: separately machined hub, rim separately, and then in both at different angles is drilled the right number of tiny holes for each spoke. All needles are made by hand, and then they are drawn, connecting the rim and hub. Slow, very delicate work that requires a lot of experience and patience.

How does masturbirovala Alexey was fond of during his school years, almost from the beginning making the model out of wood of course, much more simple than today. Future master graduated from Perm art College, worked in different places, sometimes very exotic. For example, several years he was engaged in the manufacture of orthopedic sports butts to the regional club DOSAAF, then do the layouts theatre stage with all the rotating and movable parts, in color. And since 1990, finally returned to his early passion, taking up the car — but on an entirely different level.
I wonder what scale model cars made in the 1990s, he fell in the press, and in the Guinness Book of records (published in 1994) due to the great detail (500-600 items) and accuracy, many moving elements, the uniqueness of the work. But who knew then that Safonov doesn't stop there — each new model was significantly harder than the previous one, and his latest work, Round 41 Bugatti Royale Limousine Park-Ward, consists of 2540(!) details. The model is made in scale 1:24, and it is moving — literally — everything. The hood opens and folds, blinds on it, turn around, open doors (not even the door locks to open, you need to turn the handle on a bamboo spring), moving the hand brake lever, suspension sags under its own weight of the model. If you rotate the rear wheels, the drive through the propeller shaft (forward gear), moves the crankshaft of the engine rotates the fan. Steering is also a detailed, sustained even gear ratio: two steering full turn of the front wheels. Removed the roof, made drawers and glove compartments in the passenger compartment, move the windshield wipers, the additional recline of the seat.

But it is not only in the movable elements and stationary also affect its accuracy. Even the mascot-an elephant on the hood "Bugatti" is carved, and the letters, folding in the name of the brand, executed with the greatest degree of precision and pasted on the hood. In the manufacture of the grille "Alfa Romeo 8C 2300" used plates made of black wood with a thickness of 0.2 mm. in order to set them perfectly parallel to each other, Alex came up and made a special tool. And one last thing: each spark plug on the "Alfa Romeo" (imagine the size) consists of three individual parts... That you don't sell, no store of wooden toys in the world! With all this, Alex shrugs and says of her work is very simple, although not without legitimate pride. It does not use any unique technologies, it has no secrets. If you have enough skill and patience, you can try to do the same. That's only on today in the world there is no other modeller, who found the same internal resources. Although not the last thing.

A little technique for making models avtomobilisti when you first look at model cars and the only resulting feeling is admiration, mingled with astonishment, when the second appear the technical issues. For example: not every tree to inadequate fine, many varieties are not able to maintain the hardness at a similar "grinding". What sort uses a wizard? Variety: ebony, rosewood, Rhodesian teak, beech, walnut, boxwood, plum, Apple, bamboo, pear, cherry, beech, walnut wood, mahogany. Alex says trying to find solid varieties with minimum visible structure, and in a single machine uses more than a dozen different materials to enhance the difference in color parts. Collectible model car not painted: shades of wood is enough that cars didn't seem solid.
In addition to wood, other materials are also used in cases, when necessary, for example, hardness or, conversely, softness in high-precision processing. In particular, some gears and decorative elements Safonov uses the tooth of a sperm whale, elk horn, walnut shells, seeds of persimmon or date palms. Awnings are made from cotton fabric. The only element in the models for the creation of which was not plant or animal material is glass. Glass, as such when such microtensile becomes too fragile and therefore have to use a Mylar or plastic — but it's the only indulgence in the present, and technologically indispensable. Some details of the master covers special varnishes and resins to impart additional strength and flexibility.
The second question asked us to Alexey was: where do you get the drawings? Bedmodel car detailed not only externally but also internally, up to design differential and engine! It turned out that the sources of the drawings are very different. In fact, initially, even the choice of a model for production is directly dependent on what drawings will be able to produce — especially in the pre-Internet era. The master was charged with collectors, with museums — such as drawings, "rolls-Royce" sent by the collector from India.
Today with a project — serial production of all six copies of the legendary series Round Bugatti 41 Royale (two-car — Coupe Napoleon and the Limousine Park-Ward — is already done). The drawings for these he manufactured himself. At the invitation of the world's largest automotive Museum, the Cite de l'automobile, he twice traveled to the French city of Mulhouse, where personally shot sizes with the two mentioned "Bugatti".
The other four "Royal" are located in different number of lectures (at the Museum "Volkswagen", the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, the Museum Blackhowk in California the private collection of Swiss Hatches uni), they still have to work with. In fact, some models Safonova, too, are in automotive museums in the world: for example, "Ford-A" and "Ford-T" — in the Berlin Museum of club of fans of Ford.

Not only automobilistica Safonov does not only collectable model cars (although they certainly Excel in his work). Cars — it is primarily the pleasure at the same time generates income. But sometimes Alex works on request. For example, it has made accurate and, of course, a fully functional copy of the multi-purpose machines for drilling operations and oil pumping system Mukhtarov the end of the XIX century — 728 items! The oil magnate Murtuza Mukhtarov, designed and patented his machine in 1895 — and this machine was the most advanced at that time, it bought Europe and the United States, and in the Baku oil fields it was used until the 1930-ies. Production of a working copy machine is not easier than creating any of the car models, and a reason customers (LUKOIL company) addressed to the Perm master.

This article I really wanted to entitle "Perm Lefty". But that would be unfair: Alexey Safonov — and left-handed and right-handed, and on all hands the master. From the Detroit Henry Ford Museum he was sent a letter in which he called Safonova Creator of a new genre of automotive art. "Art-motors-master — smiles Safonov, so I called". Must be very nice to know that you're the only representative of a kind of art in the world.


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