The truth about toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste contains hydrogen peroxide and fluorine used in the manufacture of pasta is a very dangerous element. Toothpaste consists of: a cleanser, foaming agent, Brightener, an antibacterial component, a substance that lowers the sensitivity of the tissues. Sodium lauryl sulfate is the main ingredient of shampoos and shower gels included with the cleaner and foam. The danger of this element that it penetrates deep into the tissues of the human body and retained in the tissues, which leads to cataract and causes changes in the protein composition of cells. Dangerous when children swallow toothpaste, their body is much more sensitive.

Whitening toothpastes are rich in abrasive compounds (chalk, soda) and peroxide (hydrogen peroxide). Hydrogen peroxide has a strong oxidizing action, so they dye my hair, bleached fabric. Prolonged contact with the oral cavity can cause irritation and burns. Fluoride is included in toothpaste to combat tooth decay, and no one knows what these compounds are not able to penetrate the tissues of the tooth, and as advertised a tactical move to proudly write on the package "toothpaste with fluoride".

Fluoride is a toxic substance, when a large accumulation in the body is poisoning him, and the need in the body is minimal. Do not use whitening toothpastes, they do harm to enamel, erase the upper layers and remove the minerals that cause burns.

Avoid getting the paste in the stomach, rinse mouth with plenty of water. Make sure that the child did not try the toothpaste taste. Remember, teeth whitening at home is doubly dangerous. Also, don't forget about choosing the right toothbrush.

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