How a dog saved the life of a little girl?

The Polish dog rescued from the death of a small child. Three year old Julia lost late at night and 350 rescuers searched for her for 15 hours, and in the morning found only a few kilometers from the house. The whole night was a heavy frost, and the animal warmed baby its warmth.

Julia had already taken to the children's ward of the hospital in the city of Zielona góra. The doctors say that her life is not in danger, but there is a slight frostbite of the feet and hands.

All night the child was 5 degrees below zero in 3 and a half miles from his home in a ditch near the road, where about 7 o'clock in the morning she was found by firefighters are volunteers.

"The dog played the most important role in this story. Animal was with the baby all night, never left the girl for a minute. It was incredibly cold and Julia got wet through," reports fire Grzegorz Szymanski.

The dog left the yard with the girl. The whole night she was with the little girl and warmed her with his warmth. Grandma Yulia claims that the granddaughter and dogs have a special relationship.

"I want to wholeheartedly say thank you to those who were looking for our baby. We are very, very happy. I'm full of emotions, I don't even have words to Express how grateful we are," said the girl's mother Natalia Balak.

A 15-hour search operation involved 350 cops, firefighters, residents of neighboring villages, a helicopter with infrared camera and 6 dogs-Ranger, but helped Julia little loyal dog named Charak.

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