How spirits affect the beauty of a woman

Long known that the scent of a woman directly affects the perception of its external data man. British psychologists decided to find out what role this process plays her perfume.For this they conducted a study involving men of different ages. For the experiment used a photo of the girls who showed to men. While watching the hall alternately filled with smells of tea rose and fish oil. They changed at the same time with a photo.It turned out that with increasing odor of fish oil the men began slowly but surely to "understate" assessment of the photographs. But as soon as the odor was replaced by tea rose, the grades are much higher. It should be noted that photos of the same girls showed twice (on the pleasant and unpleasant odor), the estimates were very different.The author of the experiment Janina, Sobert noted that data from this study only confirm the long-known fact: a pleasant and subtle aroma makes a woman much more attractive for men.



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