Toothpaste as the greatest Scam of the XX-th century

More and more scientists are inclined to believe that fluoridation is one of the greatest deceptions in the history of mankind.

Toothpaste, water saturated with fluoride, lozenges and gummies with sodium fluoride... We believe that it benefits and enriches tooth enamel with fluoride, keeping our teeth healthy and beautiful. For decades leading scientists talked about the benefits of fluoride, conducted propaganda of toothpastes with fluoride, water fluoridation was recommended and used everywhere. The truth is that business on fluoride and fluoridation – billions of dollars annually.

Corporations have realized long ago that the best way to get rid of industrial waste — sell them to people to this stuff consumed inside that is eaten. One of the most egregious global crimes of this kind is a program of water fluoridation and manufacture of toothpastes in the West.

Toxic fluoride began to accumulate in large quantities in the production of atomic bombs in the framework of the "Manhattan Project". In the state of new Jersey landfills chemical company "DuPont de Nemours" has accumulated a mountain of toxic fluorides, they were washed off by rain and get into the soil.

From around the withered and killed all the vegetation and Pets. Residents sued the company "DuPont" in court. The group somehow had covered from the plaintiffs and immediately hired technologists and physicians with a mission to find the fluoride any "therapeutic use". So hastily was trumped fake that fluoride strengthens teeth.

In the end, the concern "DuPont" got the perfect opportunity to get rid of toxic waste, selling for domestic consumption.

Billions of people drink water and eat toothpaste sodium fluoride. Although sodium fluoride not strengthen the teeth of any one person. The only beneficiary was "DuPont", which since then, and today sells its toxic waste the price of pure gold, and cleanses their toxic dumps by passing through chemotherap organisms billions of people.

Most of the stations of water fluoridation work on the scheme. Aluminum sulfate and fluoride are mixed, forms toxic aluminum fluoride. Who "strengthens" our teeth. Thus the aluminum is completely foreign element to a living organism. Fatal dose of aluminium for human 1 gram!

Aluminum fluoride toxic to kidney, and almost not excreted from the body. Accumulate in the brain, aluminum salts cause Alzheimer's – a terrible disease, premature senility.

Fluoride drinking water or tooth paste is rapidly absorbed into the human body and is mostly concentrated in the places of accumulation of calcium in the bones and teeth. Even just 20-40 mg of fluoride per day inhibits a very important enzyme phosphatase, which is necessary for calcium metabolism. As a result, the fluoride thickens bones visually, but it makes them fragile and brittle, because aluminum is more active in the chemical against the metal displaces the less active compounds – calcium and magnesium.

In the early 1980-ies it was discovered that fluoride causes multiple bone deformation, including heel spurs. Several studies have linked higher femoral neck fractures with consumption of fluoride. Agony national laboratory (USA) in 1988 published a study that fluoride transforms normal cells into cancer cells.

Japanese research centers have shown that fluoride not only cause the transformation of normal cells into cancer, but genetic damage to the cells of the fetus, so they are very harmful to pregnant women, especially in the first trimester.

Research of the company "Procter and gamble" proved that the concentration of fluoride even at 50 % concentration contained in drinking water causes genetic damage is obvious. In cultures of human tissues and experimental mice sodium fluoride, which we supply DuPont martelino strengthen tooth enamel, causing chromosomal aberrations.


As the man himself creates his disease: psychosomatic female disease

Scientists: that is, not to grow old


And proven in a laboratory of horror it is worth mentioning that sodium fluoride inhibits the immune system. That is, in his words, causes a syndrome of immune deficiency, comparable results with HIV/AIDS.

A little? Not impressive? Fluoride inhibition of enzyme systems of man causes premature aging from the total destruction of collagen — connective tissue that makes up the human body. Excluding the teeth, of course. Even the official American medical Association believe that fluoride poisoning in the United States die annually of 30-50 thousand people.published





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