Useful design

Useful and practical design solutions that not only decorate, but also greatly simplify zhizn.V pursuit sverhneobychnym superkreativnym and designers often sacrificed utility and practicality of the inventive household items, and other devices. When the first and main task of the design - functionality. Use design items must be in the first place a person comfortable. And then the original and beautiful.

The following household designs ingeniously simple and accessible. Thus nobody will deny myself the pleasure to buy an extension cord tanker, toilet paper holder with a glass pen and pencil, or set in the office door, transformed into a table for playing ping-pong.

Candle with spichkami

Easy to store. No need to look.

Watch magnit

With pictograms important things instead of numbers.

Nightstand transformer

Serving trolley conveniently "hidden" inside the structure nightstand.



Blinds "Megapolis"

Belt-measuring lenta

Stand nozhey


The capacity of the detergent

A condom with a ruler

Sticks with lozhkoy

One device for the first course, and for the second.

The log-skameyka

Holder for toilet bumagi

With cup for pens and pencils.

Scissors zeleni

The door for a game of ping-pong

Ironing board with zerkalom

Minitarelochka for fursheta

Teapot for chaya

Carpet with tapochkami

Bedside rug-budilnik

Stand obuvi

Tea paketiki

Double bag of sunflower seeds or oreshkov

To be where to put the husk.


Mug with zatychkoy

If you store the cap in a secret place, your mug like no one will be able to take advantage.

Rotating skamya

The bench is provided with a handle, turning that we replace the wet part, dry.

Cutlery on kolpachkah

A set of functional caps to allow ordinary office handle safely eat without departing from the desktop.

Shelf Bathroom

Shelf for a comfortable pastime in the bathroom.

Milled skotch

It is easy to find and mark the cut edge.

Notes from salfetok

Capacity for cleaning kartofelya

Clips for kabeley

Helps not to get lost in the wires.

Banks with two kryshkami

Tie with instruktsiey

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