Jorge Bucay: 3 magic stories

Despite the seeming simplicity, the history of the famous Argentinean psychotherapist Jorge Buka from the book "Stories for thinking" keep the fundamental wisdom.

Seventy nine million two hundred sixty two thousand seven hundred four



There once was a fat and ugly peasant,

who had a crush on (and why not?)

in a beautiful blond Princess.

One day, the Princess — who knows why —

kissed thick and ugly peasant.

And he, as if by magic, turned

the slender and handsome Prince.

(At least so it seemed).

(At least, so he felt).


2.Sadness and rage


In one enchanted Kingdom, where no foot of man, and maybe exactly the opposite, where people become travelers, not noticing…

In the fairy Kingdom, where the unreal becomes real, was a beautiful pond.

Or rather, the lagoon with crystal clear water in which swam fish of various colors and shimmered with all the shades of green.

Sadness and anger came to this fabulous pond to swim. Both took off their clothes and, naked, entered the water.

Fury, as usual, was in a hurry (which it always is), quickly bathed and even faster out of the water.

But Fury is blind, or at least sees what is happening indistinctly. So she hastily put on a dress that was closer.

And the dress was not hers, and Sadness.

And dressed in a dress of Sadness, the Rage was gone.

Calmly, serenely, as always, the Sadness was finished with the swim and without any haste — or, to put it more precisely, without giving itself the report that time passes slowly and lazily got out of the pond.

On the shore she found that her clothes no.

And, as everyone knows, most of all the Sadness does not like to stay naked. So she wore that dress that I found at the pond: dress Rage.

They say that since it is common to see rage — a blind, violent, angry and terrible. But if you look closely to it, we can see that the rage that we see, just a mask and underneath the rage is sadness.





I get up in the morning. Leave the house. In the asphalt — open hatch. I see him and fall back.


The next day I leave home, forget that the asphalt — open hatch, and again there fall.


On the third day I leave home and try to remember that the asphalt — open hatch. However, I remember this and again fall.


On the fourth day I go out, and try to remember that the asphalt — open hatch. I think about it, but do not notice the well and fall.


On the fifth day I leave the house. I remember that you need to pay attention to the door, and are staring down. See Luke, though again falling back.


On the sixth day I leave the house. Remembering the trapdoor on the pavement, looking for his gaze, you see the hatch, trying to jump through it, but once again fall.


On the seventh day I leave the house. See Luke, run, jump, touch toes shoes the opposite edge, but not enough, and then I go off into this hole.


On the eighth day I leave the house. See Luke, run away, jump, jump! I'm so proud that I overcame this obstacle that joy start to jump... then fall into the well.


On the ninth day I leave home, see Luke, run away, jump over him and continue on his way.


On the tenth day,


namely, today,


I'm catching on.,


is it better to go…


on the opposite sidewalk.


Thirteen million seven hundred sixty one thousand five hundred twenty seven



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