Bad words scare the angels

My son in elementary school in speech slipped swear words. It became clear: he is used to such expression of thoughts, despite the fact that we have a family so it was not adopted.

All complex problems are always solved at the negotiating table. We just agreed that the houses do not use abusive words. It would seem that the game is rigged and the child learns to lie, pretending that he is at home in studious boy, on the street and its language becomes another.


No, it is not.

The son could never be called a good boy, pretending he didn't know how from childhood. Choosing the right words and arguments, we agreed on a new rule that stuck. Eventually, he had stopped swearing not only at home but also in speech with friends, this style of exposition were not applied.

It would seem that he should pretend to be decent?

Children have good instincts and they intuitively understand the benefits better to be than to seem. Judge for yourself, when you have two communities of people, where he must speak differently, what is its degree of control of thinking and expressing my thoughts better or worse?

Of course, better. You need to be precise. The child learns to control himself, thoughts, emotions (energy, awareness, your animals start). It's great practice ability to speak in different ways. This is a great opportunity to introduce your child to decide how he will speak to the people and the world. This practice of ownership will benefit the younger child, and in the future.

In my case, my son Mat really went out of the question. The choice of the son was made in favor of ordinary language. It passed smoothly. Even sometimes doubt that it is. When was teen-age son asked, how often do they use foul language. He was surprised and said: "You hear me talking on the phone. I swear? No. So everywhere. And why else, when I can tell you right now."

Freedom of choice and control did the trick.

I doubt that you child will get a good conversation about the rules of conversation home? Then, that's another argument for your child. In my opinion, he is very good. Recently Svetlana M. said, when her middle son suddenly says "not those words," she reminds him: "don't forget, bad words scare the angels." For the boys of the 3rd class this is a serious argument. At this age, children angels are more trusted than Santa Claus. such trust may cherish for life...


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Remember, it is important not just to prohibit something to a child. It is important that the child saw sense (benefit, benefit) in the restriction.

Try it, you will succeed. A good relationship with the kids develop from the little things. Every detail is important. Don't miss the opportunity to strengthen relationships with their children.

Children are not only respected force. Be wise. It depends on you that they will pass on in your family, your children.published


Author: Elena Romanova




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