In this city, there were no people, as in all the other cities of the world. It lived wells. Live wells ... But still - wells. Wells differed from each other not only the location but also the rim (the edge, that connected them to the outside world). Some wells were luxurious, with a rim of marble and precious metals; wells were modest - of brick and wood, were simply poor, does not get a hole in the ground. Community residents - word of mouth - no different from the usual, but here it is called "from the bead to bead" and lead quickly spread from one end of town to another. Then one day in the city there was a "new fashion", probably inscribed here from one of the villages inhabited by people. It states that every self-respecting living being should be more concerned about their internal content, than about appearance.

And the wells began to fill themselves in different subjects. Some chose to decorate, gold coins and precious stones. Other, more practical, filled with furniture and household appliances. There were those who prefer art and filled its space pictures, concert grand piano, someone chose postmodernist sculpture. And finally, the intellectuals. Their choice - books, ideological manifestos and specialized magazines. Time passed. Many wells have been filled to overflowing, and they do not fit anything else. Wells were a variety of character and temperament. Some were content already available, while others thought that they needed to do something to continue to fill - the world is so varied and there is always something that you still do not have ... and I want to make it ...

One of them decided to get ahead of everyone. Instead of getting rid of some of the things he has decided to expand its territory. After some time, and it appeared followers. Wells all the forces sought to expand to provide more space for new products. Once a very small well located far from the center, I saw that his comrades excessively stretched, changing their usual boundaries. He thought that if this continues, the edges of different wells to mix and they will lose their identity ... maybe it was then and it occurred to me that there is another way to increase its capabilities - not to grow in breadth and depth. Become a deeper, not wider.

But then he realized that he needed to get rid of all that he has, since its contents would prevent this venture. If he wants to become deeper, it is necessary to get rid of all the old ... At first he was terribly afraid of emptiness. But since the other option was not, he decided to do so. Freed from all wells became deeper and deeper, while others stole something from which he got rid of ... A well, which becomes deeper, one discovered something that he was very surprised. Deep, deep, very deep ... He found water! Never before has any one well did not find water. Well he recovered from astonishment and began to play with water. He sprinkles, moisturizing your walls, and finally finished badly to the point that the water splashed out. City wells knew only rainwater, but this was not enough, that it was all green and blossoming. That is why the land around the well, made alive from the water, I began to wake up. From dozing in her seeds grown grass, clover flowers. There frail stems, which are then turned into trees ...

Life began to play around the colors of this well, and it became known as "Flower Garden". Everyone asked how he achieved such a miracle.

- No it is not a miracle - posted flower garden - looking inside, in the depths. Many wanted to follow the example of flower beds, but as soon as they learned that it is necessary to get rid of everything, immediately rejected the idea. And continues to expand and further filled with various things. Across town, another well he decided to take the risk and throw everything he had ... and began to grow deeper ... And he, too, found the water ... And when he shared it with the land around them, in the village there was a second green oasis ...

- What will you do if the water is over? - Asked him
- I do not know what will happen then, - he answered. - But now - the more water I draw, the more it becomes
As time went on. A few months later it was a great discovery. As usual almost by accident. Both are well understood, that the water, which they found at the bottom, was a ... One and the same underground river flowed deep and linked them both. They realized that a new life has begun for them. They are now able to communicate not only on the surface of the bead to bead, like everyone else; Search gave them a secret language, they have found new ways of communication. They discovered the deep communion which can only be achieved by someone who typed the courage to get rid of extra weight and find a something that can give others ...
Jorge Bucay


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