Important rules of Plenty.

1. The words and thoughts of material. "How many times told the world ...." But again, we forget that we can not speak about their poverty. And you can not think about it! Thoughts create life program, and spoken words are launching this program in action. Create a dream and visualize it - hard, every day. Thoughts and actions create a different reality. I do not believe in what you are poor. Believe that soon you'll be rich.

2. FIRST PAY THE WORLD. The universe gives us the benefit of their only response to our good. It emerged earlier than humans, so we have to accept its rules. Nothing can not be helped - we do not get the new profit will not give up until the old part for a good cause. And before resent this law, consider whether we are making a lot of my life is truly good deeds? Very little! Universe found to fix it for us, the lazy, the inexpensive and the easiest way - to pay a little bit for charity
3. BOOMERANG always returns. If we are in a world of negative (even one that nobody sees - envy, desire for revenge) - the world responds in kind. Bioenergy for a long time to explain this phenomenon: every evil comes into dissonance with the environment and the environment seeks to destroy this evil
4. WEALTH FIRST BORN in thought. On the planet there is no man who would become rich, thinking of his poverty. Cease to be a "rogue" your poverty - this is a temporary coincidence. All mental forces chase her, not resign ourselves, not to recognize her as his constant companion. Create at least the illusion of abundance! If you can not buy an expensive car - buy an expensive toilet paper. Almost all of the rich have done so: while still poor, they bought a single sign of a rich man - who suit who handle. One famous investor started with a chocolate bar - he ate it twice a year, but the best! His conscience did not allow him to buy cheap sweets - so I had to get rich
5. BE PREPARED TO abundance. Psychological tests show that most of us are not ready to it. If the question: "What would you do if you won 20 million," you say, "Buy Me 5 apartments" - rest assured - you never let them win! You are not ready to wealth, if you are going to buy 5 unneeded apartments. It is unlikely that higher powers will allow you to spend money so foolishly.

6. Rejoice always, in everything give thanks. Say "Thank you" for short - a delicious dinner, a warm evening in the park, call an old friend. It's the little things, but imagine what life would be robbed of their - and their value immediately grows at times!


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