Revolution health — the science of natural immunity

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"Whoever was the father of the disease, her mother – a nasty food" Chinese proverb

Our ancestors said: "a Bright life is short". With such statement of a question agree not a registered dietitian, author of the original Program of healthy eating, an American doctor of Japanese descent Hiromi Shinya. In his books "About the dangers of "healthy eating", or how to live to 100 years without getting sick", "Magic enzymes", "Magic microbes: the Program of protecting our health with enzymes and microbes" Hiromi Shinya, shares his years of experience and practice of the sage. True co-authors of the book are his famous and obscure patients.

The science of natural immunity

It is believed that the disease has to do with doctors. The patient plays the passive role. However, despite the growing costs of health care, the number of patients is increasing. Add to this the narrow specialization of medical professionals when the optometrist does only eyes, and a gastroenterologist – only your stomach. In human body everything is interconnected. If a tooth is formed the hollow, it instantly affects the digestive system. Not properly chewed food puts extra strain on the stomach and intestines. Hence the conclusion – we are responsible for your health!


The coming health revolution will begin with the new knowledge about the human body, and that knowledge covers the earth today. Based on the latest scientific research, including Nobel prize winners, as well as on my personal experiences a half-century of clinical examinations, I made a number of recommendations that will allow you to live a long life without losing vitality and in the complete absence of ailments.

Now that we are finally starting to realize the futility of endless war medicine microbes, our objective is different, namely to maximize the number of good bacteria always present in the body. You may have heard of the Eastern concept of qi (or Ki), that is, the vital energy that flows in all living things on the planet. I will show that it does exist, and will tell you how to get the power we consume foods of plant origin to all cells of the body, to maximize its vitality. Also, I explain in detail how cells cleanse and rejuvenate itself. You will receive information on the latest biological research in the natural, innate ways of samoopredeleniya of the body.


Our world is alive with micro-organisms, the simplest existing forms of life. Microorganisms live everywhere, from ocean bottoms to the icy peaks. Together they form an interconnected layer of life on the entire surface of the planet. And our gut, in turn, connects us with them.Most readers already know, of course: the intestinal bacteria, good and bad, are the key to health or a source of disease. However, my research is not limited only to this inner microcosm. The Space I speak of is truly infinite. The soil that nurtures plants, the food you in food, literally teeming with microorganisms. Its quality directly affects the quality of plants and they, in turn, affect the health of our intestines — and, as a result, the health of the whole organism.

Every day we consume food must be converted into energy. The intestine carries out this vital task of food processed it and then, in revised form, digested by the blood vessels that carry out its relation with all the cells of the body. A collection of sixty trillion (!) of cells and is the body of each particular person that is you.

The gut is also the area of the body where there are enzymes (enzymes or enzymes – protein molecules-catalysts, which are formed in the cells of all living organisms). And they are the driving force of any activity inside cells. Tremendous vitality and energy characteristic of youth, only when the cells of the body active and the energy they produce.

Of course, you have heard the expression we are what we eat. So often repeated this Maxim, probably, no longer attracts your attention. However, it does not become any less true. What and how we eat impacts directly on our body and mind.

The main part of my research focused on working inside the cells enzymes. I called them unseemly*, because their mission is in constant renewal and restoration of the body. Unotime are at the root of our vitality. If we analyze the viability of cells, having an idea about the participation in their activities of Nozimov, it is easy to understand why so many of us lose energy and lose their creative potential.


Here for a good hundred years, doctors are at war with Nature!
When I'm in the middle of 60-ies began to practice in new York as a surgeon and gastroenterologist, everyone thought that we had finally won the war. Antibiotics have allowed us to overcome a whole bunch of infectious diseases that tormented mankind for centuries. Vaccination is pushed back far into the past such deadly diseases as smallpox, tetanus, diphtheria, polio. The rapid development of surgery gave the doctors the ability to reach damaged organs and even replace them with grafts.

It seemed to us that the miracles of modern medicine that's it will allow you to deal with all ailments, without exception, then the life expectancy of our generation will significantly increase. One of the key aspects of these "miracles" were universally recognized as the bacterial model of disease. It bacteria were considered responsible for their occurrence. Eliminate bacteria, went the theory, — to equip them against the body's antibody — and the world is rid of ailments. In the same way we were taught to stop malaria and bubonic plague to destroy their carriers, parasites and insects.

Medicine, armed allegedly scientific tactic of "find-and-destroy" confidently won in this deadly battle. Scientists looked for germs that cause diseases and has developed a trouble-free way to eliminate them. Then the doctors used these methods in practice in the treatment of patients. The results of the battle of mankind with microbes have been so successful that, inspired by it, we declared war and even cancer, and pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.

But here it was found that, in General, not germs, that we are to be healed, you need to find and destroy. It turned out that the reason many, including deadly diseases are poor diet, lack of exercise, excessive consumption of alcohol, Smoking and other quite mundane bad habits. Thus, the battle for health has shifted to. As one would say Pogo, the character of the famous comic strip: "We have met the enemy and it turned out that he is ourselves".

Meanwhile, the germs were thought long ago defeated suddenly rushed to the counter. Began to emerge a new kind of flu, appeared resistant to drugs drug-resistant forms of pneumonia, tuberculosis and other diseases. Slowly each man began to walk: the microbes, like any other form of life on Earth, is able to develop, evolve and adapt to a changing environment. Developing new types of drugs — weapons against them — we just accelerated their evolution, giving rise to super viruses, which have no Council.

So isn't it time to stop profess medical paradigm wars and take a different approach to their health? This is the approach I want to offer you. As a result, together we will go on a journey in search of perfect health, and each step made by us will be based on solid knowledge of the functioning of our body.


For centuries we co-exist with them on this planet. They live and rapidly reproduced within and around us. And not to get them accurate and complete information is to deny ourselves access to true information about yourself and the world. From the point of view of us humans, our centuries-old neighborhood with microbes have both light and dark side. Having studied the other side, we can better understand how to live on this Earth, thriving.We are all born in this world are under the control of living beings, indiscernible a human eye. They have power over all of our lives. I'm talking about the microorganisms that are so small that they are visible only through scientific instruments. They inhabit our bodies or, more precisely, inhabited by absolutely all places on the planet. That is, they are everywhere — inside our bodies and outside them.

Although modern medicine is waging merciless war against germs, we need to understand that they are our best friends. In fact, without them none of us would be able to assimilate and digest food and to grow.

Between our intestinal tract and microbes are inextricably linked. Scientists usually divide the whole mass of intestinal bacteria "harmful" and "useful". But if you look at the intestinal flora more closely, it turns out that most of it is intermediate, opportunistic bacteria (medical term meaning that the microbe is showing pathogenic properties only when a weakened immune system) is not related nick one of these two categories.

From the standpoint of proportions in the human gut of approximately 20% useful, 30% are harmful and 50% intermediate bacteria. These latter play a key role where we are talking about the state of the digestive environment. When the result of improper, irregular power supply, a growing number of harmful bacteria, bacteria intermediate join them, increasing their number. As a result of collective effects undigested food remains in the intestines decay and decompose, forming toxic gases. Such deterioration of the internal environment of the intestine over time, inevitably leads to poor digestion and disease.

With the right food increases the amount of beneficial bacteria, and bacteria intermediate join them. In the end, the gut becomes clean, stable digestion, and the people live long and without illnesses. In other words, the intermediate bacteria – a sort of oscillating electorate in the elections.

I want to reiterate: the division of bacteria on harmful and useful rather arbitrary. A large part of the intestinal microorganisms is, you can tell in the grey area – neither there nor here. They can only become useful Il harmful. And "vote" instead of them you eat!

How to support lives in our intestines beneficial intestinal bacteria necessary for our health? This does not need to destroy harmful bacteria as it may seem at first glance. Enough to live and eat so as to keep the intermediate bacteria "from evil."

One of the surest ways to achieve such a result, consumption of fermented, i.e. digested food.


In addition to the use of fermentation to preserve food, it is very useful for health. Let's look at fermentation closer. In this process, glucose, proteins and carbohydrate foods are broken down by microbes into components that are healing to the human body. Especially benefits from fermented foods the intestines because it promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.Germs cause food to decompose, but they can still fulfill the role of preservatives. It has been known since the dawn of human civilization and was widely used. And now fermented (digested) foods consumed, the representatives of almost all the Nations in the world.

In addition, microorganisms play a key role in how the condition of the gut affects the immune system. In the intestinal immune cells, i.e. immune cells, microphages, lymphocytes and neutrophils are very active, protecting us from pathogens that could come from food into the body. Two-thirds of all immune cells in our body reside in the gut. If nothing is done to improve of the intestine, the body loses the immunity and vitality.

The benefit of daily consumption of fermented food is even deeper. It is indispensable in the case of replenishment of enzymes in the body – a key factor in human health. What is enzymes? This protein substances that are involved in all phases of human life activity. Now almost everyone knows that they are important for digestion. But very few people know about their indispensable role in respiration, metabolism, excretion and detoxification. They are catalysts for chemical reactions, and their importance, I think, has been underestimated in modern medicine and dietetics.

No matter how many valuable nutrients you consume with food, they will not come in your flesh and blood, if your body does not have enough enzymes. That's why enzymes – the true source of our strength.

In the human body is present from three to five thousand known varieties of enzymes. And now let me tell you one of the most important in this book of phrases: most of them are produced by intestinal bacteria! When the intestinal environment is disturbed due to the development of harmful bacteria, increase in the number of enzymes is suppressed.

Fermented food contains a huge quantity of enzymes (as mentioned, this is also called fermented food, because enzymes are the same enzymes). Therefore, by using it, you are constantly restocked. They are digested and absorbed by the body, separating into peptides and amino acids. According to my theory, confirmed by huge amount of data, then they are re-connected in some "magic enzymes", which are the main raw materials for the generation of other enzymes that the body needs.

Activities of bacteria, enzymes and immune cells in the digestive tract are closely interrelated. That's why the real key to enduring health, is to improve the quality of the intestinal environment. From this point of view, the role of fermented food underrated modern nutrition. These products deliver the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, support the immune system and make unnecessary extraordinary measures eliminate bred bad bacteria strong antibiotic because you are simply not allowed to bring to the extreme condition of health.

But now, in the beginning of XXI century, the food industry loses in comparison with traditional methods of fermentation. Products in supermarkets because of mass production are only short-time fermentation. In addition, they add catalysts, preservatives, dyes, artificial spices and other chemicals. In vegetable food crops grown in the fields, probably contained pesticides and substances included in chemical fertilizers. For example, for the manufacture on an industrial scale Japanese misu and soy sauce are beans, abundantly irrigated with pesticides, so the products are "healthful fermented" they are in name only. As you can see, the health of this food, we can hardly expect. On the contrary.

As I mentioned, the division of microorganisms by "bad" and "good" — a Convention. Bacteria is neither good nor bad – they are just an integral part of the natural world. Even those organisms that we call "bad", can play a positive role in certain circumstances.

Mankind has invented a lot of strong drugs to overcome diseases, but you cannot say that it clearly raised the level of people's health. Because of the artificially synthesized medicines are foreign substances to the body and because they all to some extent toxic.Unlike bacteria, viruses are generally not divided into good and bad. So many people think that all of them are harmful and threaten our lives. However, this view of things we have no choice but to try to destroy them all, as if Nature is our enemy! No, trying to lime at the root of the whole variety of life on Earth, we can't find your way to health.

Feeling that we had a chance to catch some kind of illness, we swallow a pill to get the pill and suppressing the symptoms of disease, declare that recovered. But do we really known side effects of these drugs? Antibiotics, for example, kill not only their target pathogens, but also beneficial bacteria, thereby disrupting the bacterial balance of the intestine. And when this balance is disturbed, necessary for immune protection enzymes cease to act in the body and as a result, he becomes vulnerable to various infections. Vicious circle.

To break this vicious circle and get rid of a blind addiction to drugs, it is necessary to shift the focus on strengthening the body. And a sure way to strengthen it really is to eat fermented products of proven quality, for centuries known as the best healers of the digestive tract.

© "Magic microbes" author Hiromi Shinya / Translation from English. M: Sofia, 2010. – 224с.



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