Garlic soup with croutons

Forty five million one hundred ninety nine thousand seven hundred fifty four


Garlic — 30 cloves small.

Bunch of parsley

Vegetable broth — 0.7 l

Yolk — 2 PCs.

Vegetable oil — 5 tbsp

Nutmeg — 2 pinches

For croutons:

Bread — 2 slices

Cheese grated — 50 g

Olive oil


1. The longest in its preparation is to peel a pile of garlic, but here you can call for backup. So garlic peeled (even though it does not scare You so many times, soon he will Maritsa and othusitse and lose all their anger, and leave a pleasant mild flavor as it baked garlic)

2. Fry cut in half cloves in oil in non-stick pan, shaking to thoroughly roasted from all sides.

3. Tear off parsley leaves and add to garlic.

4. A teaspoon of dry soup bred in a Cup of boiling water and pour into a saucepan.

5. Add the remaining water and cook for 10 minutes.

6. This time take the loaf and tear off pieces, put into shape.

7. On top sprinkle with butter and sprinkle with cheese.

8. Bake until Golden state.

9. The garlic right in with the greens blend.

10. Put on the fire again.

11. The detachable egg yolks, lightly tamp down with a fork with a small amount of broth.

12. Pour in thin stream into soup, stirring constantly. Cook until thick, and the thickness is adjustable by the amount of broth.

13. Served preparativ black pepper, and garnish with croutons with melted cheese.

Enjoy your meal.


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