Hiromi Shinya: hunger - a positive feeling

Hiromi Shinya - eminent gastroenterologist - was born in Japan, he lives in the US, and operates in both countries. In 1963 he came to New York for a surgical specialization as intern clinic. While the endoscope has been used, which could examine a maximum of 20 cm of the colon. Later invented endoscope length of 186 cm, with which it was possible to examine the intestines.

In the clinic, where he worked Hiromi Shinya significant portion of our operations was surgery to remove polyps with the opening of the abdominal cavity. He also proposed a special design with wire colonoscope introduced into it, forming at the end of the loop. With the help of this instrument in 1969, it was first held polypectomy - surgical removal of polyps without opening the abdomen. In medicine, there is a new trend - "Surgical Endoscopy"

. Then Hiromi Shinya headed the department of surgical endoscopy at the hospital and took patients in his own clinic, worked from morning till night. As a result, for more than 40 years of work by his cabinet took more than 300 thousand patients, many of whom are well-known personalities. Shinya says he boasts big names to be interested in all of its health program "Shinya bios", which he tested on himself. Over 40 years of medical practice, he had never been sick, even though his work can not be called easy. Having tested the program on himself, he began recommending it to his patients, and the results exceeded all expectations. In cancer patients there were no recurrence.

Save and increase the body's vital energy will not help either stimulants or supplements. To do this, just need to activate the natural process of intracellular detoxification - it just is directed Shinya program bios.

If tens of trillions of cells in our body active, and we are full of vitality. Clogged cell decomposition products, defective protein leads to cell aging. cell rejuvenation can be achieved by cleaning this garbage intracellular detoxification.

Mitochondria - is the intracellular formation, which provide energy for all the processes occurring in the body in a healthy cell energy conversion proceeds normally, and we are active and cheerful, even despite his age. If there is a breakdown, it means that something is interfering with mitochondria. This is something that can be described as "cellular garbage".

Where does the cell rubbish? Proteins derived from food in the small intestine are degraded to amino acids condition that deferred blood flow inside the cells already involved in the biosynthesis of new proteins. As the marriage of this synthesis may occur defective proteins. This is especially the case if the diet is dominated by food of animal origin: meat and dairy products

. garbage cleaning process is carried out autophagy when vnuri cells occurs via yunozimov processing defective proteins and grown old in the mitochondria necessary for the biosynthesis of amino acids, glucose and fatty acids. When the body begins to starve activated waste recycling. Earlier a special incentive for recycling was not there when the food was - the dam. This explains the meaning of fasting. Of course, if hunger continues for too long, the body begins to eat itself - its own healthy cells, leading eventually to death

. We can safely simulate the state of hunger with the activation of autophagy and rejuvenation of cells using the method of small-Shinya post offered Hiromi Shinya. Fasting is not intended to reduce the calorie intake and weight loss, and for the temporary activation of autophagy performing intracellular detoxification.

Dr. Hiromi Shinya offers the right post for cleansing and rejuvenation of cells.

1. Dinner no later than 7 pm. After dinner and before bedtime taking only pure water.

2. In the morning after waking up to drink 2-3 glasses of vody.Zatem 20-30 minutes a little bit of fresh fruit or juice from apples, cabbage, carrots.

3. Half an hour before dinner drink 2-3 glasses of water.

You do not have to do it every day, but from time to time it is necessary to repeat. You can not skip breakfast and dinner. The main thing - what is the meaning of Lent - a time to create the sensation of hunger, to start the process of autophagy to cell renewal. It would seem so simple, but not everyone is able to make such sacrifices. Hiromi Shinya offers perceive hunger as a positive feeling. This restriction of calories consumed is not the goal - it is important that the cell renewal so naturally restores health and vitality of the body

. Usually people concerned losing weight, use a low-calorie diet and only for a time reduce the weight. Small Shinya-post is not a diet for weight loss, but the overall improvement of the body state, increasing its activity and the natural cellular garbage disposal just lead to sustained weight loss and body fat.

Shinya bios recovery health program is based on the latest scientific research and on a unique half-century experience gastroenterologist Hiromi Shinya. Here are the main elements of the program:

Modern medicine is beginning to realize the futility of a ruthless war with microbes, putting on the place the problem of increasing the number of beneficial bacteria that inhabit the human body.
An important element of the program is to transition to a predominantly vegetarian diet nutrition and inclusion in the diet of "living" products, in which the mechanical and heat treatment is not destroyed by the most valuable component of the enzyme.
Purification and rejuvenation at the cellular level provides vitality and immunity.
Intestinal detoxification achieved following

-kofeynye enema;

-nastoyki of flower buds;

-Massage intestine.

These procedures are described in detail in the book Hiromi Shinya "Magic microbes: our health protection program with the help of enzymes and microbes".

Healthy eating. Once again, in addition to the previously set forth:

-udelit attention to nutrition whole grains and legumes;

-Includes the diet of 85% plant foods and the only other animals;

Reduces the consumption of meat and increase the proportion of fruits and vegetables;

-upotreblyat past fermentation, fermented foods.

These three methods still need to add motor activity and stay in nature.

We must remember that our immunity is determined by processes in the digestive tract and that health foundation - clean, active cells of our body. These recipes allow you to stay healthy without pharmaceutical and surgical interventions and not to lose vitality with age.


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