The famous Japanese gastroenterologist Hiromi Shinya about proper human diet

Hiromi Shinya - famous Japanese doctor, a gastroenterologist and a surgeon, author of several best-selling books dedicated to a healthy lifestyle

. nutrition program expounded Hiromi Shinya book "Magic enzymes" or "On the dangers of a healthy diet", has helped to regain health Kevin Kline, Sting, Dustin Hoffman, former Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone, Nobel Prize winner Leona Esaki and many other patients. In the forty years of his medical practice, he had not written a single certificate of death, although he had even treat cancer patients!

First of all, you need to get rid of the destructive health habits, as well as to revise the generally accepted recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.

According to research by Hiromi Shinya, the earlier a person starts to eat animal products, the earlier starts to hurt.

Particular attention is paid to milk the doctor. It contains oxidized fats multiply the number of harmful bacteria in the intestine and thereby harm its microflora. As a consequence, in the colon and form free radicals, and toxins such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. As a result, the milk stimulates not only the different types of allergies, but also more serious diseases are increasingly affecting children (leukemia, diabetes).

General principles

Value for vegetarian food and meat: 85-90% to 10-15%

. Cereals should make up about 50% of the diet, fruits and vegetables - 35-40%, meat 10-15%

. Grains should be eaten unpeeled

Fish body temperature which is lower than human body temperature, preferably meat.

Useful fresh, not processed foods (if possible, in-kind).

It is necessary to limit the consumption of milk and dairy products (for people prone to allergies or lactose intolerant, it is better to completely abandon the whole milk).

It is necessary to avoid margarine and fried foods.

It is necessary to chew food and try to eat small portions.

Habit is stronger genes

Healthy eating habits make it possible "to rewrite" our genes.

Drink water one hour before meals

Water is the best drink in the morning, immediately after waking, and 1 hour before each meal - this is the best way to satisfy the body's need for water. For some thirty minutes the water moves from the stomach into the intestine, and therefore does not violate the digestive process.

500-700 ml in the morning on an empty stomach;

500 milliliters of an hour before breakfast;

500 milliliters of an hour before lunch.

Winter drink slightly heated water, with small sips, so as not to cool the body. Enzymes are active at a temperature of maximum 36-40 ° C, the temperature rise of each of 0, 5 degrees indicates increased activity of the enzyme by 35%. That is why the patient usually has fever: the body increases the body temperature to activate the enzyme.

Those who drink little water, get sick more often. Accustomed to drink plenty of clean, good water - a great way to become healthier. Water moistens the surface of the bronchi and mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines (the area most exposed to attacks by bacteria and viruses), enhancing their protective properties.

When the body lacks water, dehydrated and dry mucous membranes. Then phlegm and mucus sticking to the walls of the airways, becoming a fertile ground for bacteria and viruses.

Water is part of not only blood but also lymph. If the blood vessels are comparable with the rivers, the lymphatic vessels can be called the body's sewer pipes. They perform a vital function of cleaning, filtration and excretion of protein and digestion of waste - with the bath water. The lymph vessels are gamma-globulins (protective antibodies), and the enzyme lysozyme, which has antibacterial properties. Normal functioning of the immune system without clean, well water is simply unthinkable.

It is important to obtain it in the form of a liquid of pure water. The fact is that in such beverages as tea, coffee, cola, beer and so forth, contains substance (sugar, food additives, caffeine, alcohol), which draws water from the blood and cells. They thicken the blood and dehydrate the body.

TEA (still - green or black, Chinese or English) leads to atrophic changes in the stomach and causes chronic gastritis

. Meat multiplies vitality. Meat accelerates not only the development but also the aging process.

Daily rate of protein (meat, fish) man about 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. A man weighing sixty kilograms is enough 60 grams of animal protein per day.

Do you drink a lot of milk? Get ready to allergies and osteoporosis

The earlier a person starts to eat animal products, the earlier ill.

ALL MEDICATIONS some extent poisonous. The faster the action of the drug, the more toxic it is.


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