Hiromi Shinya: learn to hear his own body

Every day, my clinic is visited by many customers. By analyzing their lifestyle and diet, examining the stomach and intestinal tract with an endoscope and treatment of diseases of doing, I feel a constant desire to help all these people to establish a harmonious relationship with his own body.

The consequences of each lived day we were sealed in our bodies. Maybe this sounds harsh, but I still say, most of the diseases that afflict people - this is the result of ignorance; people simply do not know how to take care of my body, given to us by nature. And all too often we do not hear his voice.

If you do not see the point in good food and good water if you're wasting vitality and enzymes, as too busy to pay attention to the body, - sooner or later you will fall down the disease. Such a life accelerates the aging of cells and deprives the body of energy, especially in the later years.

What does my body now? It satisfied? Annoyed? Angry? What disturbs him? What hurts? Please listen to it more often. From this your whole life will change. You will become more clearly understand what I am saying in this book, and you can practice it poslaniya.My should not feel like suffering and illnesses are inevitable and that we are waiting for the physical and mental fading as they become older. You can change your destiny, to wake up and hear the voice of your own body! I wish you as a doctor this wholeheartedly. And the same wants your body.

What you ate today - tomorrow will be the building blocks of your body and brain cells. It will affect what you think and what you say. Having Shinya bios program and activating the intestines, you will soon feel the changes not only in sosstoyanii their health, but also in the mind. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that your whole life will change.

Are you looking for an answer - and it is hidden inside the digestive tract. Microcosmos tract - is the place where you should start your way to zdorovyu.Nashi eating habits greatly affect every aspect of life. If the bowel is functioning stably, the stable and the mind. You always leave a feeling of frustration, anxiety, anger, and you will notice that looking at all much more positive.

Recent studies have identified a paradoxical conclusion: if there is very little, then you will live a lot longer. However, these experiments were conducted not in humans, and other mammals: monkeys, rodents and dogs. They showed that the severely restricted calorie diet (but within adequate nutrition for survival) dramatically reduces the risk of chronic diseases and increases life expectancy. It seems to confirm the old saying that what does not kill you - makes you stronger
. Are the results of these people? Researchers have not yet found in this issue of indisputable evidence, but it was found that if the diet is harmonic, then the restriction of calories for adults individuals leads to the same changes in metabolism have been observed in laboratory animals. From these data indicated that the decreased metabolic, hormonal and inflammatory risk factor for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. What is the reason?

I'm sure - in yunozimah. They are easily adapted to acidic and high temperature environments, being something of a special detachment performing dangerous mission. They manifest themselves whenever the body is faced with a genuine threat to its existence.

One of these threats is undoubtedly the hunger. Fighting it occupies most of the history of mankind. If he does not end soon, the digestive and metabolic enzymes are not able to continue to maintain its efficiency. And then we save yunozimy.

When the body is in stress, they are working continuously cleaning up all its cells. Flawed proteins are rapidly broken down in the process of autophagy and processed in essential nutrients. Waste and foreign substances are removed instantly. As a result, the body becomes clearer, stronger and healthier than in normal, non-stressful conditions, when yunozimy "sleep." That is why our ancestors, despite the fact that they have worse fed, still remain strong and healthy. They are constantly in a state, activates the yunozimov.

Of course, this situation was not only the positive aspects. When starvation exceeds a certain limit, stress the body and mind grew, and enzymes are irremediably lost. In combination with the constant shortage of necessary nutrients, this led to a substantial reduction in life expectancy.

I am an American of Japanese descent, and I know the history of their country of birth. It was, of course, periods of peaceful and "well-fed" prosperity (eg Edo). But mostly the Japanese rarely had enough to eat. And we learn from this benefit!

And it's not life. Not so important, as it will add years. It is important as it will live. And it depends on yunozimov performance. Is it possible to increase their activity? I'm sure, yes. This requires a turn to a more natural, the natural way of life, which does not always give an opportunity to load up "from the belly»

. Perhaps this is my advice to all is not pleasant to hear, but I am convinced that fasting time to time, you will surely increase their vitality. Start now - and your yunozimy awake, to clean and fill the cells with energy

. Or just eat in moderation. Stop before the full meal satiety. Eliminate from your diet meal on the go, and snacks. More time for the day stayed hungry. To activate yunozimov must be fast, even if short-lived and infrequent. Remember: the key to increased vitality - not to have so-and-so, and to eat less. Vitality is elusive, it does not express the numbers - the number of calories and nutrients - but it is firmly linked with the work yunozimov inside your cells

. This may be the best remedy against aging with a new understanding of how to stay young and healthy forever.

Hiromi Shinya


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