Harmful "healthy" habits. Interesting point of view of the famous Japanese Dr. Hiromi Shinya.

The famous gastroenterologist Hiromi Shinya from the Land of the Rising Sun as a result of his many years of medical practice was proper nutrition program, which differs from the conventional and familiar to us all. Hiromi Shinya is highly respected because he helped to restore health to many ordinary people, as well as well-known personalities such as Sting, Kevin Kline, Dustin Hoffman. For 40 years he helped all his patients, even the most hopeless. Hiromi Shinya advised to get rid of bad habits that are considered useful. His books about healthy lifestyles have become real bestsellers. .cc has selected highlights from his scientific papers and books that will help you learn about his unusual perspective.

Hiromi Shinya recommends:

Vegetarian food in the diet should be approximately 90% (including fruits and vegetables 40-50%), and the meat is only 10%.

Eat unpeeled and whole grains. The diet must be 50%.

Eat fish or poultry.

Useful fresh not treated products.

Limit the use of milk and milk products.

Chew and eat small portions.

Between meals, snacking on fruit.

Drink water immediately after waking up, as well as one hour before meals.

Hiromi Shinya does not recommend:

Although tea is rich in antioxidants, it leads to atrophic changes in the stomach and causes chronic gastritis. No matter what kind of tea you drink - the same effect. «The Japanese, who drink green tea, there are a lot of stomach problems» em>, - writes in his book Hiromi Shinya.

Meat does not give vitality. It accelerates the development of not only muscles but also the aging process. It is better to have small amounts of poultry and fish, beef, veal and pork limit.

Hiromi Shinya, based on his research concluded that the earlier a person starts to eat foods of animal origin, the earlier starts to hurt.

The doctor advises to drink milk and eat dairy products as they cause allergies and osteoporosis. According to statistics, residents of the United States every day, drink a lot of milk, but osteoporosis - is a very common disease among the people of this country.

All drugs - a poison. The sooner they act on the person, the more toxic they are.

To maintain health, get rid of bad habits, but also pay attention to the rules of supply by Hiromi Shinya.

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