Nervous system, enzymes, and long life - what's the connection

Considering each organ of the human body separately, we lose sight of the most important, namely the INTEGRITY of the BODY.

The same thing happens if we limit the consideration of human beings to mere physiology, oblivious to everything else (emotions, state of mind).

There is an inextricable link between the mental state of the person and physiological processes.

When a person is internally STRESSED, its body takes on the SYMPATHETIC nervous system.


When he's HAPPY – dominates the PARASYMPATHETIC nervous system.

During night sleep the internal resources of the body are reduced due to the fact that the body obediently, mainly the parasympathetic nerves. One who is constantly under stress, malnourished and exhausted from work, very soon loses its internal balance.

The formation of a huge number of free radicals contribute not only to poor diet and lifestyle, but also negative emotions such as envy, resentment and hatred. Therefore, in order to maintain health – it is necessary not only to change diet and habits, but also to regain an optimistic, easygoing mood.

Human health due to the body's supply of "magic enzymes". If enough of them, the disease, even in the case of cancer, do not go into a deadly stage.

Conversely, if the "magic enzymes" little, any neoplasm can easily turn into a tumor killer. And it all depends on the person, his resilience and intrinsic motivation.

From a space point of view, humanity is very young – viruses are much older than us. In the eternal perspective, our lives are infinitely short. Almost instantaneous. So why do you still hurt, why suffer?

In addition, I understand that my existence (as well as the existence of each of us) is a truly unique microcosm, without which it would not have been possible holistic multi-dimensional picture of the universe. That is probably why I love my short, but so meaningful for my life. Don't you think waste the priceless gift of life is too wasteful?

The purpose of human existence is reduced to a problem of preservation of health. Good health is just one of the necessary CONDITIONS of a full life.

To be healthy, interested in everything and to live life to the fullest – that's what's really important.

Even if I guaranteed 120 years of life I still would think this period is too short because would not be able to cram into it everything that I wanted to do.

I'm healthy – because I WANT to live long and in full force. And I want to live as others.

Each of us was originally based on the program healthy life. Listen carefully to what is trying to tell you your body.

If you do not get to hear his inner voice, and you watch nature. Think about the most important laws, and you will understand WHAT you need, and need right now.

If you are humble enough to accept the laws of nature, and trust inherent in the life program, the rest will be "magic enzymes". They will provide you with a long, full and happy life.

©Hiromi Shinya from "Books about "the dangers of healthy eating", or how to live 100 years without getting sick". published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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