Unique eco the preparation of EM – technology swargarohini

Imagine: found the main reason of the fertility of humus and compost, the quintessence of fertility and health. Now imagine that it is highlighted and reinforced repeatedly. We are talking about useful microorganisms.

Now studied approximately 3,000 species of microbes. Some of them are, in General, help the living beings, and the other to oppress, or feed on them. First do a lot of useful things: produce organic matter by photosynthesis (all types of single-celled algae and photosynthetic bacteria – they saturate the food water oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds, and "feed" all the other animals. Remember: blooming, green water is excellent fertilizer and growth stimulator!); transform atmospheric nitrogen into a nitrogen food for plants (bacteria – azotfiksatsii, in particular those that live in the nodules on the roots of legumes); decompose organic residues to simple substances (a Legion of putrefactive fermentation and skachivaya bacteria, yeast and other fungi, thanks to which the soil is formed, and returns to the roots of all plants once took from it.

This group of microbes produces compost and humus; many of them actively clear the water and soil from all residues and wastes); free minerals – food elements – putting them in a free state (these microbes use the energy of disintegration of inorganic compounds, are found in the hot springs, and at greater depths in the earth's crust); finally, process harmful and toxic substances into harmless, unless you don't die (mass of bacteria used to clean wastewater, livestock buildings, etc.). Many of these microbes create the background, the circumstances of life, harmful microbes, and displace them from the environment. These microbes never harm living things, on the contrary, their work poses to the health of plants, animals and humans the best conditions. About a hundred species of them inhabit our gastrointestinal tract and indispensable for normal digestion. It is sanogenic (health travail), or regenerative microbes, for simplicity, let's call ipresname.

Another group of microbes, or harmful and poisonous substances (e.g., foul-smelling gases – methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and others; or toxins, causing disorder of the body, as do disease-causing microbes), or use of living cells for nutrition and life (all diseases of animals and plants), if too many of them, they can dislodge from the environment to beneficial microbes. It is pathogenic, degenerative, or microbes, we will call them prostowanie.

Now the facts. In a sterile environment there is no life. The prosperity of the plants and the cleanliness of the environment and hence the health of animals and humans are not sterility (the most terrible and criminal myth of our time!), but an abundance of beneficial microbes in the environment. In our environment all the way around, because we have, "darling", "Comets" and kills germs!", but antibiotic – best friend. Useful microbes predominate in the natural, living environment, and artificial environment saturated with toxins, industrial waste, drugs and fertilizers – can dominate harmful microbes. Remember, evil is our fear?.. We are too afraid of germs. Drug them mercilessly. Killing both harmful and helpful, and the environment "bled". Now it is more suitable for harmful, and to displace them to no one – as, for example, continually plowing the soil or in the intestines, deranged palagonite food and antibiotics.

To get rid of the problem one way: to saturate the environment with useful microbes. Microbes, like other living creatures, tend to "follow the leader". In any environment, quickly gaining the lead several major types of microbes, and all other podsazhivaetsya under them. If you provide the preponderance of beneficial microbes, they start to lead and change the properties of the environment for the better. You only need to add them.

That's why compost and humus so dramatically increase the power of plants. This is why infusions of manure or grass so stimulate the growth of plants – this is a liquid culture of beneficial soil-makers!

Now imagine: you take the whole set of various useful microbes, to enhance their properties of tests for choosing members to choose a unique set of species that can coexist in the same environment, and to provide it to everyone. Invented and implemented is, of course, Japanese. The effect was just fantastic.

The drug is called EM – effective microorganisms. It includes 80 strains of beneficial microbes. They multiply in the usual three-liter jar by adding a couple of tablespoons of honey or molasses. In a week you can breed a hundred or a thousand times. It turns out 3 tons of solution – enough to three times over the summer to pour a bucket on every square meter of the beds, which gives a very strong effect. The Japanese for 15 years, surrounded by EM-technology your way of life and economy.

Regular use of the drug in the soil as irrigation increases soil fertility and its structure so that the efficiency of the plant reduced by 30-50% and 3-5. Such data have already been obtained in greenhouses and in the gardens of Ulan-Ude. Grown cabbages at 24 kg; tomatoes and peppers reached 800 g despite the fact that their number is not reduced, but increased. The same was observed in the bottom gardens and fields. Double watering potato increased the yield of tubers in the 2.5 times, and ten bags only half a bucket was subjected to dry rot. The Japanese gave up ploughing: in the EM-soil is already at the 4 th year easily comes almost entirely meter-long bamboo stick.

Mix EM with organic residues quickly turns them into healing, EM-compost. In Japan, Housewives are so filled kitchen waste special containers. Waste exchange on EM and produce grown with EM. Local firms make of such wastes, dry composting EM-powder, which in large quantities is added to the soil and soil, they fall gardens and plantations. Thanks EM, one Bush tomatoes in the greenhouse are shooting up to 100 kg of ripe fruit. This seems like pure fiction, but plants are not like regular real trees! In 1998, in Buryatia, the tomato crop has increased in 5 times – when agriculture, it is very far from the level of Japan. Also speak to EM and other vegetables. In the same greenhouse a crop of cucumbers on EM-gratehouse above control 3.5 times.

Effectively works EM in animal production. Spray the pig sty or the hen house – disappear unpleasant odors. Additive to water and food significantly healthier animals. The pigs begin to absorb 90% of the food instead of the usual 50-60%, and their droppings ceases to be fetid. In chickens increases the yield and quality of eggs. Only by reducing the mortality of Chicks of EM has paid off 20 times. Broilers and pigs remain so alive and moving, and not gaining weight during fattening, that will have to continue note: during this period EM should not be given.

EM on the Japanese table as usual seasoning. The food is heavy, digests with no problems. Quickly removes the effects of poisoning and libations. Normalizes the bowels in case of any disorders. It is considered the most effective treatment of dysbacteriosis. Even socks that are processed, uh, be antifungal!

Especially the role of EM in cleaning the environment. Common toilets, which do not smell and quickly turn it into great compost. The houses have small sumps with EM, and channels along the streets flowing clean water – but this is just an open sewer! The entire runoff of the large dwelling houses with kitchens, toilets and baths – EM can turn into clean water for 24 hours. This setup is demonstrated in the Public library of the city Gushikawa. Now they pay for water consumption 20 times lower than before the installation.

UM and in other embodiments, the preparation is applied on the leaves of plants. If it is "young" – almost a holding back of the disease. If we treat the half-dead bushes

EM instantly "digest" — rejects.

Use EM against pests. It is noticed that the fermentation microbes greatly upset the digestion of insects, and they often die. The same happens with the young insects, particularly their larvae. There are a lot of unusual effects that need to be explored. But, characteristically, work with EM without any means of protection.

More than a hundred countries of the world actively buy EM-technology. Now the drug began to be produced in Buryatia, he recently appeared in Krasnodar. I want to note: the Supreme court is not interested in the spread of the drug, and is available through distributors. If we will have the EM culture, it is only from the bottom. We, the gardeners, and to learn!


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