8 ideas for decorating children's area in the country

Been thinking about what would please little? Willing to spend their time, but the idea of not "getting in the head"? Then watch our 8 ready-made solutions to suit every budget and taste. They are easy to implement and often in modest areas.

Idea # 1 — children's house with the ramps on the tree

Ramps — a very important addition, as many parents refuse from the houses on the tree due to the fact that while children climb on a rope or rope ladder frail, they can not only fall but just get hurt.

Children's house with the ramps in the picture — perfect even for large families. Because there are several places to play — on the first ramp, the second near the house and in the house. In addition, if to veil the space under the house on the ground, there will another secret area. But about these huts see the next idea.

Idea # 2 — shalash

Whatever a simple structure, the children love it. Want to make the summer memorable for young? Help them in the tent!

The children themselves are happy to bring toys, favorite things, pillows, make a garland out of fabric, but the convenience should make sure you bring a warm blanket (and preferably two) and lay on the grass.
Help to find the correct branch to the tree on which to hang the sheet. Bring a box for toys, a chair, and even better — a wooden table where you can spread out the cookies and play tea party.
Good complement tent Chinese lanterns and Christmas garland. Better get him away from the pond, if available, and sandbox, as otherwise the whole textile is sure to be in the sand on the first day.

Idea # 3 — developing a house a new generation

Such a structure not everyone, but if you ignite the creation of a whole extra house for the children, their joy will become your great reward. Here can be placed a full bed, which will be happy to use you guys.

In addition, there is a climbing wall, opening Windows, bar, interesting wooden chair, small porch. And inside are toys and there is one more chair. On the second floor in the house is sleeping place under the roof.

Idea # 4 — magic sandbox

This sandbox is not simple. Not only that, here in the magical world there is a dog-unicorn, hemp and caramel colors. Here you can still play with colored balls, creating a pool similar to what is now the city's entertainment centers.

Organized system for storing balls and other sand facilities located on the fence. It's just the hooks and a plastic bucket to help you easily restore order in the evening after the games.

Idea # 5 — sandbox Park

In a sandbox there are not only sand and an umbrella, but also benches, but better — two. They children can share their sand-pies, spread out your rake in a row and just sit, thinking up new ideas for constructing castles.

In addition, this sandbox has high sides and can be placed even in a garden with paving.

Idea # 6 — sandy roller coaster

The most budget option, but perhaps the most fun for young children. American sand slides create a very simple, and especially interesting together with the child. Any containers can go in the course, and to attach them even with simple cords, but better — Shipov (cable ties).

For this attraction you will need: the Sandpiper, the screen, and also containers with zips. The screen must be very good to fix, since children have a tendency to lean on him.

Idea No. 7 — wooden table for drawing with chalk

If you have an old table that you no longer want to use, but its a wooden countertop is well drawn with chalk — do not hesitate and put him into the garden, previously showing children how they need to use it.

A place in the garden is the most bright and cheerful, and you don't have to wash the chalk from fences, walls and tiles.

Idea No. 8 — children's summer kitchen

The device of this cuisine may seem complicated due to the need for water fittings, but it's not. In fact there are no taps, but only the pelvis, which is inserted into the wooden tabletop like a shell. It brought water by using buckets, but for the children in this matter there is no difference.

Beautifully equipped children's outdoor kitchen can be a decoration of the site. Bright basins, decomposed-farming utensils on the beautiful shelves — everything you need for this wonderful place. To place it easier at the fence, walls of a barn or home.

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