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Last night on the island of Lido Venice Film Festival kicked off. This year, the world's oldest film festival is celebrating its 70th anniversary, and this means that it will be even more interesting premieres, red carpet - brighter and outfits - chic. Opened the festival film Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in the lead roles. Fantastic tape tells the story of two astronauts, who in the course of the accident at the spacecraft are in the open space. The film will be presented to the court in the format of 3D, the first time in the history of the festival. However, the choice of a fantastic painting as a film-opening - also a rarity for the Film Forum, known for his love of the author's specific creations.

VeV will closely follow developments at the Venice Film Festival in 2013, and now we offer you an overview of the most striking along with the opening ceremony of the Film Forum.

The main star of the red carpet this evening, no doubt, was Sandra Bullock. The actress not only triumphantly presented his new creation, but also demonstrated the courage and impeccable taste in the choice of attire. Unlike his colleagues, most of whom have chosen for the opening ceremony outfits subdued tones, Sandra opted for intense red-orange color. Style dress by J. Mendel also looked unusual, but it did not go far from the canons of classic evening dress - it was decorated sculptural details, drapery and high cut. The actress has completed its image contrasting black accessories, casual hair and makeup with a focus on the eyes.

Italian actress and model Eva Riccobono operate this year an honorary role of leading film festival, appeared on the red carpet in a gentle way, the foundation of which was the dress from Armani Prive Air cream lace. Weightless dress was very becoming blonde spring type that emphasizes femininity and romance of its owner. At the same time the image was not deprived of sexuality and the share of provocation - a translucent fabric to create the effect delicate kind of "naked" dress.

Our compatriot Ksenia Rappoport, which became this year the jury of the competition program "Horizons", preferred for its secular exit sleek evening dress, the main component of which was saturated blue. However, the deeper shade - is not the only highlight of this dress from the fall collection Alberta Ferretti. Satin gloss fabric that makes the dress looked bulkier and alive, has become the main decorative element in the image. Of course, not counting mnogokaratnogo diamond necklace.

Fortunate enough to get to the opening of the Venice Film Festival and fashion blogger Chiara Ferrand. At home in Italy and throughout the world, she is known for its fashionable flair and sense of style, which she tried to show on the red carpet. Chiffon dress with a transparent embroidered bodice decorated by Alberta Ferreti looked very impressive and no doubt was to face its owner. Due to skillfully choose makeup and jewelry was very harmonious way, and if it is due only to Chiara, you should pay tribute to the girl - her stylist turned skillful.

The actress Moran Atias posed for photographers in a lush evening dress fabric textured hand Dolce and Gabbana. As a supplement to the addition to the style of the 50s Moran picked velvet gloves above the elbow, satin sandals and red lipstick, perfectly completes the image in retro style. The idea to add, along with the help of high drama glove paid for itself - the image has turned out unusual and solemn, although they should more carefully consider the selection of accessories - a fabric texture and color is hardly in harmony with the dress.

Jury member of the main competition program Virginie Ledoyen appeared before the public in a white dress with an unusual design column back. The dress is very simple, but the actress managed to revitalize its image with the help of bright accessories - large earrings with diamonds and emeralds and interesting clutch. I hope that in the course of the festival we will see other, more unusual way Virginie.

Olive green dress by Alberta Ferretti opted for the red carpet presenter Fiammeta Cicogna. The dress is plain, though not without charm - lace edging the neckline, crossover design of the back and velvet bow at the waist are perfectly combined with each other, and braid instead of lush curls looks very cute.

"Shocking red carpet has not been canceled!" - Thought Marina Ripa di Meana and dressed up the birdcage. However, such tricks screenwriter at the Venice Film Festival have all used to - it has repeatedly appeared there with horns, parrots and spiders on her head.

It received its share of attention on the red carpet and Natalia Borges - she paced the red carpet in a dress with slits up to the waist. We can only be glad that it all had at least something to put on, and regret dress - dress warm yellow hue with contrasting purple lining would look just great, do not be vulgar cuts.

Classic monochrome image chosen for the ceremony Frenchwoman Clotilde Kuro. Actress wore a white jacket, blouse with a black skirt Basques and the floor, and decorated the bow on the waist band. Clotilde outfit - a sample of the famous French style.



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