Sons of the Beatles

Suggest you look like now and what they look like the offspring of the famous Fab Four.

John Lennon - Born October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, British rock musician, singer, poet, composer, artist, writer. One of the founders and a member of the group «The Beatles», popular musician of XX century. After the breakup of The Beatles began a solo career, but in 1980 was killed.

Sean Lennon - was born in New York on October 9, 1975 (38 years) is an American singer, songwriter, musician and actor. The son of musicians and activists in the struggle for peace John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Kyoko Chan Cox (Kyoko Chan Cox) his half-sister and half-brother of Julian Lennon. Sean's godfather is Elton John.

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Julian Lennon - was born on 8 April 1963 in Liverpool (50 years), a British rock musician, singer, first son of the founder of the group «The Beatles» John Lennon

George Harrison - born February 25, 1943 in Liverpool, English rock musician, singer, composer, writer, producer, guitarist, sitarist, is best known as the lead guitarist «The Beatles».

Since the mid-90s struggling with a serious illness, and in 1997 it was removed a cancerous tumor of the larynx and part of a lung. Later he also was diagnosed with cancer of the brain, which could not operate. November 29, 2001, died of brain cancer in the apartment of Paul McCartney in Beverly Hills

Dhani Harrison - born August 1, 1978 (35 years) in Windsor, England, British musician. Dhani Harrison debuted as a professional musician, completing work on his father's last album Brainwashed after George Harrison's death in November 2001. In 2006, Dhani Harrison founded the group thenewno2

Paul McCartney - who was born June 18, 1942 (71 year), British musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, one of the founders of The Beatles, shestnadtsatikratny winner of Grammy Awards, Commander of the Order of the British Empire (1965).

In 2011, recognized as one of the best bass players of all time according to a poll conducted by the magazine Rolling Stone

James McCartney - who was born September 12, 1977 (36 years), the British musician and songwriter, lives in London. The only son of the composer and former Beatle Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney. He participated in a number of solo albums he gives birth, including Flaming Pie (1997) and Driving Rain (2001) and Paul McCartney Wide Prairie (1998), Linda McCartney. He has released two EPs and an album.

Ringo Starr - real name Richard Starkey, was born July 7, 1940 (73 years), Liverpool, British musician, songwriter and actor. Known as the drummer of the band «The Beatles».

August 28, 2012 Site Ringo Starr was voted the richest drummer in the world. His fortune is estimated at $ 300 million

Zak Starkey - was born September 13, 1965 (48 years) in London, a British rock musician, drummer. The son of drummer «The Beatles» Ringo Starr and his first wife Maureen Starkey Taygrett. Was a member of the British rock band The Who, composed perform and record songs from 1996. There was also the third drummer Oasis. In addition, Starkey worked with such artists and bands as Johnny Marr, Paul Weller, The Icicle Works, The Waterboys, ASAP and The Lightning Seeds.



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