As we started the business

Comrade from Dagestan told the story, it happened just 10 days ago. Two of his relatives living in the mountain village decided to change their lives for the better and start your own business ...
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The choice fell on the opening of the farm for the breeding does not matter what. In general, they have made a business plan, money was hit and moved down the serpentine road to the nearest regional center. It should be noted, the machine they did not have, for economy was at the ass. They have bought according to the list, the most important was the purchase of gasoline generator, loaded their ass for the most do not want, and moved back. Evening. They choose a place set up camp. Under cover of night, hidden from the Almighty, drank a bottle of vodka. And suddenly one comes to mind is a wonderful thought:
 - And let's check the generator.
 - Come on.
Under the joy business generator wound up with a floor butting. But the donkey did not appreciate everyone's delight, jumped, shouted obscenities and pious donkey with all of Georgia, including the already wound generator in fear I ran into the forest to escape from a terrible buy. Grief-business for him, but it was not there. After 10 minutes of quiet surrounded Caucasian night. Ishak fled with all belongings in an unknown direction. We returned to camp ... The morning. It was hoped the poor fellow will be back. I do not come back. Let's go to the forest to look for. They searched long and hard. In the afternoon we went to the hunting lodge. There's a man. We decided to talk.
 - Man, you did not see our ass?
 - No, I did not see your ass. Here is a moron at night without headlights on a motorcycle back and forth half the night went.
P.S. Ishak on the third day he came to the village. Gasoline was over. None of the belongings lost, for which he received a bucket of feed and name the rider.




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