Museum of History of The Beatles in Liverpool (24 photos)

One of the goals of this trip to England was to visit the museum and tour of the city Beatles. From Birmingham to go on the train about 2 hours, and everything would be fine, but the weather was niamerzeyshaya ...
And yet, despite the weather, at the door of the museum was quite impressive of all, who is under an umbrella, who just the rain, sometimes running over hot tea in Starbucks that close.
The museum, or rather, part of it is in the Albert Dock.

People run portions, the rest have to wait for 10-15 minutes. One of the earliest artifacts - first guitar John Lennon, whom he played in a band Quarrymen more without the other Beatles. Stunned!

First guitar George ...

Unfortunately, since the formation and flourishing of the Beatles's been a long time, and many historical sites associated with this group were lost. This applies to the Club Cavern. Here, the museum recreates the street where there was a club, dark and damp, even with the rat))

Scene Cavern Club was very small, can not imagine how you could play on a stage in a club full of people. Stuffiness was terrible ...


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